Woman says her Apple Watch detected a symptom of her condition months before she was diagnosed

Woman says her Apple Watch detected a symptom of her Thyroid condition months before she was actuall
Apple Watch is now getting quite famous for its health features and especially, for instances where having an Apple Watch has proven beneficial for the health of the wearer. And now, AppleInsider reports that an Apple Watch detected a change in the health of TikTok user Lauren.

TikTok user Lauren encourages people to turn on health notifications on Apple Watch after she got diagnosed with a Thyroid condition

The Syndey-based nursing student has made a TikTok video explaining what happened. She shows that the Apple Watch had detected and recorded a decline in her health, but unfortunately, she didn't have notifications on and went to a few months later when symptoms worsened.

She indicates that if she had the Apple Watch notifications for health changes turned on, she could have gotten diagnosed earlier. It seems that the wearable device detected symptoms of her thyroid condition, especially, changes in her heart rate.

She also states that the drop in her oxygen consumption that the Apple Watch detected back in October correlated with other symptoms she had started having around that time, such as fatigue, irritability, sensitivity to heat, weight gain, and dry skin.

She says that basically, the Apple Watch would have helped her notice something was going on before the symptoms got severe. However, she underlines the Apple Watch is not a medical accessory, but it could prove helpful in situations like these.

"Instead of me waiting for the symptoms to get really bad, I could have gone to the doctor back in October, when there was this dramatic drop in a matter of days," she says, "Don't get me wrong, your Apple Watch is definitely not something you should follow as medical advice, but it can come in handy, I guess, as a tool to prompt you to go get things investigated further."

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This is not the first time Apple Watch has proven to be helpful for health situations

Last month, we reported on the fact that the wearable saved a Texas woman after she experienced a hard fall in her hotel. She had slipped in her hotel room and then hit a hotel dresser, which subsequently knocked her unconscious. Fortunately, she had Fall Detection set up on her Apple Watch, and the wearable called emergency services after detecting the fall.

The thing with Fall Detection is that, once you set it up on your Apple Watch, if the wearable detects a fall and you don't move within 60 seconds, it calls the emergency services. This feature could prove very helpful in situations like the above, that happened to Bayla Belle Christianson.

She is since then okay but has been encouraging people to set up the Fall Detection feature just in case. “I wouldn't be here if I hadn't set it up,” she stated.

Here are some other instances of the Apple Watch health-related features helping or saving people. Back in March last year, the wearable saved a man's life after he fall through some ice. The victim of the incident was able to call Emergency services before he had hypothermia in the cold water.

The Fall Detection feature also helped a 78-year-old man to survive a life-threatening fall. The Fall Detection feature actually turns on by default on the Apple Watch if the wearer is older than 65.

Additionally, the Apple Watch heart rate monitor saved a woman from a blockage thanks to a heart rate alert. It turns out she had a silent heart attack and after emergency surgery, she was able to fully recover.

The Apple Watch has many similar stories under its belt, so it is proven to be quite useful with its health-related sensors and features.

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