While Apple goes small, Samsung is going big with the Galaxy S11 series

While Apple goes small, Samsung is going big with the Galaxy S11 series
For the first time in the Galaxy S line history, all of the S11 series phones may have displays larger than 6 inches, and batteries of at least 4000mAh capacity. 

That's right, the latest report out of Korea reiterates that the Galaxy S11e will come with a 6.2" display, the S11 will raise it up to 6.5 inches, while the S11+ will have display the 6.8" size of the current Note 10+ darling, and maybe even larger. We shudder to think what the Note 11+ display and battery would look like on paper, but we'll get there when we get there.

Contrast this to Apple's alleged 5.4" iPhone 12 approach that banks on nostalgia and a proven demand for smaller, more compact iPhones. Apple is also expected to issue an even smaller, 4.7" iPhone 9 in the spring, too, although it will resemble more the iPhone 8 in design, so it might not be that much smaller than the notch-y 5.4-incher.

Granted, Apple is also expected to grow the 6.5" display of the Pro Max to 6.7 inches for its successor, but that would still be smaller on paper than its equivalent on Samsung's side, the S11+, or whatever it gets named.

Samsung, however, can afford these huge diagonal leaps thanks to its bezel-busting Infinity design that allows it to shave off the top an bottom bezels almost completely, so in terms of workable display area, the S11 series would have the upper hand.

Today's Galaxy S11 series report also mentions once again that the S11+ will be coming with a brand new 108MP camera sensor from Samsung, and 5x optical zoom. Just like the purported iPhone 12 Pro Max, the S11+ is said to come as a 5G model only, and sport ToF camera on the back, in addition to all the other photographic accouterments. 

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Thus, it seems that Samsung is gearing up for a direct fight with all the numerous iPhone 12 models that Apple is expected to unveil, just going big instead of going small. Thanks, enhanced Premium Hole Infinity design, for making it possible and allowing for much larger batteries to boot. 

If Samsung manages to leapfrog in the camera and battery life departments indeed, the competition with Apple in 2020 will prove to be the most interesting one in a while. When we add 5G connectivity to the mix, a volatile cycle of upgrades may be upon us, both in Apple and in Samsung land.

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