The iPhone 12 display leaks out just as we learn more about its camera specs


Apple iPhone 12 display and notch size

By now, there are only two big unknowns around the iPhone 12 series left, and today's leaks bring clarity to both. One is the eventual shrinkage of the Face ID module, the other the actual camera kit details. First off, thanks to Mr White - a leakster who can't really be called prolific but his posts are usually spot-on and direct from the assembly line - now comes the iPhone 12 display.

While it's not exactly clear of that's the 5.4" or the 6.1" iPhone model, it's nevertheless Apple's first OLED panel in the lower range iPhones. Mr White tips that the Face ID module at the front looks as big as ever, so all those rumors that Apple has managed to miniaturize the ungodly notch may have been premature, or referring to the Pro models.

There is one caveat to that line of thinking, though, which the Twitter commentariat was quick to point out. Namely that if this is the 5.4" iPhone 12 display panel, and it certainly looks small enough to be it, then the notch may only look its original size because it's applied to the smallest screen size on a notch-y iPhone ever while on the larger models it may appear to be made more compact indeed. 

Apple iPhone 12 camera specs

Next in line of the big iPhone 12 series mysteries is the exact camera configuration each model will sport. Now, we know that the 5.4" and 6.1" iPhone 12 models will sport two cameras, while the Pro models will have three, so we could safely assume that Apple will do what it did with the iPhone 11 series - spare the telephoto camera for the more expensive Pro version.

What exactly and if there will be any upgrades to the main wide and the ultrawide cameras on the 5.4" iPhone 12 and 6.1" iPhone 12 Max, however, remained to be heard until yesterday, when famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo inadvertently tipped they will, indeed, come with new cameras. 

While it's not clear if there will be an upgrade to the 12MP sensors that are currently on the iPhone 11 series, there will certainly be a big upgrade to the lenses above them, as Ming-Chi Kuo sent a memo to clients with the following:

While we aren't really worried about Apple's supply chain prowess, and doubt that the iPhone 12 release will be postponed on account of some lens yield, there is one spec here that caught our eyes. 

So far, Apple has been using five-layer lenses, or the so-called 5P ones, even in its iPhone Pro models, while the obvious takeaway from the lens supply problem that Mr Kuo refers to, is that even the lowly iPhone 12 and 12 Max will ship with seven-layer lenses this year. 

Granted, we've been hearing about this move since the spring, and Mr Kuo is only reiterating what has already been rumored, but it's still an exciting thought that Apple will be upgrading not only the external appearance, displays and chips of the new iPhone 12 models, but the camera setups as well, for a complete package, now sprinkled with 5G on top.  
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