Apple highlights iPhone 11 Pro camera prowess and battery life with 5 hour+ one-take video

Apple highlights iPhone 11 Pro camera prowess and battery life with 5 hour+ one-take video
On paper, Samsung's newest ultra-high-end handsets should absolutely crush Apple's 2019-released iPhones in terms of both battery life and imaging capabilities. After all, the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a mind-blowing 108MP primary snapper and a gargantuan 5,000mAh cell, which theoretically compares very favorably to the 12MP main camera on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and its 4,000mAh or so juicer under the hood.

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But impressive specifications don't always translate into real-life excellence, and while Samsung was busy hyping a 100x Space Zoom feature that's largely proven useless out in the wild, Apple was cooking up probably the most ambitious effort in its ongoing "Shot on iPhone" series of publicity stunts. Yes, we're talking something even more ambitious than a Lady Gaga video recorded entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro, although we're expecting this new ad to garner far less attention for pretty obvious reasons.

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For one thing, the latest video shot on an iPhone is no less than 5 hours, 19 minutes, and 28 seconds long, which means all but the most fervent Apple fans are likely to skip through most of the action in search for the highlights. Said highlights are actually included in a much shorter 90-second trailer for the full-length "journey through Russia's iconic museum."

You can just watch that and you'll catch the drift, or you can jump to some of the best moments directly from the description of the full video shot continuously in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. These include a complete tour of an extensive collection of Rembrandt paintings, a stunning view of the ceilings of the Raphael Loggias, a beautiful contemporary ballet performance, and to wrap things up with an artistic bang, a live performance by Kirill Richter, one of Russia's most prominent minimalist composers.

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All that and a lot more was recorded in glorious 4K using a single iPhone 11 Pro unit that went down from 100 percent to 19 percent battery capacity in the process of capturing said footage. That almost makes you wonder why filmmakers need expensive "professional" camera equipment nowadays when this incredible videography tool starts at "only" $999, fitting snuggly in one's standard trouser pocket. 

That's not a serious question, of course, but even the most bitter Apple haters will have to work overtime trying to come up with something to complain about in relation to this unbelievably well-made one-take "movie."

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