Believe it or not, Apple's iPhone 11 Pro can be yours for free with no trade-in

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Believe it or not, Apple's iPhone 11 Pro can be yours for free with no trade-in
The weekend is almost here, and many Verizon customers may already know exactly what that means. The number one wireless service provider in the US has a fresh batch of cool deals available for a few days only, and while most of these are frankly nothing special, shaving a modest $100 or $200 off the regular prices of select Samsung smartwatches and tablets, it's pretty much impossible to ignore one particular new promotion.

This latest iPhone 11 Pro discount builds on several similar but different deals from the last few months, taking them all to the next level and making it literally impossible to save more money in the future. That's because the 5.8-inch high-end handset, released back in the fall of 2019, can be "purchased" for free right now with 64 gigs of internal storage space after monthly bill credits.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

64GB, New Line and Unlimited Plan Required
$999 99

Both device payment plans and purchases at the phone's full $999.99 retail price are eligible for the total discount of... $999.99, and no, you don't need to trade anything in, port in an existing number from a different carrier, or get more than one unit to qualify for this phenomenal online-only special offer.

Then again, you will have to open a new line of Unlimited service, with upgrading Big Red subscribers looking at a decent $400 price cut of their own with (almost) no strings attached. The same discounts can be applied to 256GB storage variants in silver and green colors at the time of this writing, leaving you on the hook for total spendings of $150 and $750 with new lines and upgrades respectively.

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Even better, you can combine this simple and straightforward deal with a trade-in if you so choose, in which case Verizon will essentially pay you to get the iPhone 11 Pro off its hands. 

While obviously not as impressive as its 5G-enabled successor from several important standpoints, the 4G LTE-only powerhouse still packs a blazing fast Apple A13 Bionic processor, beautiful Super Retina OLED display, excellent battery life, incredibly advanced (for a 2019 device) camera capabilities, and yes, a fast charger right in the retail box. Now that's what we call a value-packed freebie!

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