Apple’s 2024 product roadmap: what we expect to see

Apple’s 2024 product roadmap: what we expect to see
A report released in December 2023 by the reputable Mark Gurman — a reporter for Bloomberg who specializes in revealing insider information about Apple (more specifically Apple's product plans) — presented us a rough view of what we can expect from the tech giant in 2024.

Now, there is very little revealed about the iPhone 16 lineup in Gurman's report, but we learn that the upcoming year might be huge in more ways than one for Apple's iPads, especially after we didn't see any updates during 2023, which is the first time we see no new models for a whole year ever since the first iPad came out.

Besides the iPads and the iPhones, there will also be new accessories, Macs, as well as a new Apple Watch, and we are here to give you a neat chronological overlook of when to expect each new anticipated Apple device throughout 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset (although it is more of a virtual reality one) was the company's first product for 2024, and boy oh boy did it make a splash in the tech space and beyond. There were videos of people using public transport and even skiing with Apple's first ever headset. The hype has started to go down though, and now we are ready for the expected new iPads and MacBook Airs in March.

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March 2024: iPad Air, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air Updates

iPad Air Refresh: Two Sizes

Apple plans to update its mid-tier tablet, the iPad Air, with two new sizes—10.9 inches and a larger 12.9 inches. The move aims to provide consumers with more options at different price points, allowing for a larger display without the higher cost associated with the iPad Pro. You can think of it as the equivalent of an iPhone Plus model, with the only expected upgrades to be the size of the battery and the display.

iPad Pro Evolution: OLED Screens and M3 Chip

Apple is said to unveil revamped iPad Pro models featuring OLED screens, offering a broader color range and even deeper contrast levels. The mini-LED screen on the larger 12.9-inch current iPad Pro is quite impressive, but an OLED panel would be even more so. Hopefully, the smaller 10.9-inch iPad Pro also gets this upgrade!

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The high-end 2024 iPads will also be equipped with the new M3 chip introduced with the MacBook Pro in October 2023, marking a significant upgrade to the power of the tablet, although there are some concerns about overheating issues and battery life.

MacBook Air Performance Boost: Equipped With the M3 Chip

The MacBook Air will receive a performance boost with the inclusion of the speedier M3 processor, enhancing the overall user experience for Apple's popular lightweight laptop.

Accessories Refresh: Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

Next-Gen Apple Pencil

Apple is gearing up for the release of the third generation of the Apple Pencil, codenamed B532, accompanying the new iPad Pro. This updated stylus is expected to bring enhanced features to the creative experience.

Revamped Magic Keyboards

Alongside the iPad Pro, Apple will introduce refreshed Magic Keyboards (code-labeled R418 and R428) to enhance the iPad Pro experience. The new Magic Keyboards will feature a sturdier aluminum frame, making it feel even more like a laptop than previous versions.

Vision Pro Headset: February 2, 2024

Vision Pro Headset Debut

Apple released its Vision Pro headset on February 2, 2024, introducing a new dimension to the Apple product ecosystem. The Vision Pro is the company's first introduction of a new product category since the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015, and it undoubtedly made headlines across the whole world.

Despite the hype, however, the first Apple headset was generally described as impressive and disappointing at the same time, showing the limitation of today's tech, but also functioning as the best example of where we are headed.

September-October 2024: Apple Watch, iPad Mini, and More

iPhone 16 series

Apple is set to introduce 'larger upscale iPhones' according to Gurman's report, which most likely refers to the rumors, saying the more premium iPhone 16 models getting thinner bezels and larger displays. There are also some leaks saying that there will be a new capacitive "Capture" button, as well as improvements with the thermal management.

Apple Watch Series 10: Blood Pressure Sensing

Later in 2024, Apple plans to unveil an updated Apple Watch Series 10 with advanced health features, including blood pressure sensing capabilities. Presumably, this will be alongside the new iPhone 16 series, so most likely we can expect the month of choice to be what it has been for years — September.

iPad Mini 7 and a New Low-End iPad

Apple has also scheduled a refresh for the iPad Mini and "a new low-end iPad," by which we think Gurman refers to the entry-level iPad. There is a good chance both might get announced separately from the iPhone 16 September event during October, much like the iPad 2022 was announced.

So far, there isn't much said about what upgrades we can expect Apple to introduce to its more affordable iPad models, but our safest prediction is that they will at least come with more powerful chipsets inside.

Revamped AirPods with USB-C: Low-End and Mid-Tier

To round out the year, Apple plans to launch revamped low-end and mid-tier AirPods, featuring the addition of a USB-C port for enhanced connectivity. By "low-end" and "mid-tier," we assume Gurman is implying that the AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 will be getting USB-C cases, given that the higher-end AirPods Pro 2 already had their charging port upgraded in 2023.


With a full refresh of its iPad lineup (given there were no new models in 2023) and updated Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboards to go along with them, 2024 is shaping up to be eventful for anyone who tends to utilize their iPad daily. Of course, there is also the iPhone 16 series, which should introduce improvements to its build and design, maybe the 5X telephoto trickling down to the regular Pro model, and more.

But, undoubtedly, the most crucial and exciting announcement of the year is the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. Not just because it is a rather new form of consumer technology but also because it is a brand-new product that Apple is adding to its repertoire of devices. Suffice it to say, it shouldn't be a boring year as far as Apple products go!

Apple's 2024 product roadmap promises a range of exciting innovations, with updates across the iPad, Mac, accessories, wearables, and more, reaffirming the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its global user base.

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