Android 13 will let you know if an app is draining your battery

Android 13 will let you know if an app is draining your battery
"Which app did I forget to close now that my battery died so fast?" If you are like us, you probably ask yourself this question every time your phone's battery suddenly drops without any extensive usage. To prevent you from wondering this ever again, the newest version of Android, Android 13, will be able to notify you when an app has "excessive background battery usage."

As Google has written in a post about the newest Android 13 features, with Android 13, when your phone detects an app that consumes a lot of energy from your phone's battery during a 24-hour period, it will display a notification for the excessive battery consumption. The new notification feature will work for all apps, regardless of whether the app is made specifically for Android 13 or not. The only requirement for the new notification feature to work is for your phone to run on Android 13.

When your phone shows you a notification for an app with excessive background battery usage, the notification won't appear again until at least 24 hours have passed. Every time the notification appears, the system will wait until you dismiss the message or the process that drains the battery stops. But if the app continues to drain your battery, your phone will display the notification message again after 24 hours.

With Android 13, Google will also introduce a notification for "long-running foreground services." If your phone detects an app that has been running for at least 20 hours in a 24-hour window, the system will send a message saying, "APP[probably a placeholder for the name of the long-running app] is running in the background for a long time. Tap to review." When you tap on the message, your phone will then open the Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager.

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