Android 12 will bring new Google Assistant triggers

Android 12 will bring new Google Assistant triggers
Some new strings of code have just been discovered, pointing to yet another feature to be introduced in the up-and-coming Android 12. This year's giant software update may bring a couple of brand-new triggers for pulling up Google Assistant, XDA Developers have found. 

Current Google Assistant Triggers

We already have quite a few ways to summon our Android phones' virtual assistant. Of course, Google Assistant first has to be turned on by going to Settings > Google > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant - Settings > Assistant (Tab) > Assistant Devices - Phone > Google Assistant (On/Off).

As long as Google Assistant is set to "On," you can always activate the "Hey Google" trigger by turning on "Access to voice match" in the same location in Settings. 

You can also call up Google Assistant by long-pressing the Home button, and if you have full-screen gestures activated, swiping inwards from the bottom corners works as well. 

Depending on your exact Android device, you may have special built-in ways to turn on your Google Assistant, from a dedicated button on some LG and Nokia devices, to an Active Edge (squeeze-the-sides) feature integrated into older Google Pixel phones. 

What's coming with Android 12

It seems we'll be getting two more ways to easily pull up our very own virtual assistant on Android phones. One will be a double-tap back gesture, according to XDA's findings, and the other will be a long press of the phone's power button.

The code found in the latest Google app version reveals that serious work has already begun on integrating the power-button trigger, which means we are likely to see it on our phones in the coming months. The double-tap gesture, on the other hand, is a bit further behind in development, and some models of Android phones may have to wait until after the main Android 12 launch to receive it.

These Google Assistant triggers are only a few from a hefty pile of new features we already know to expect from Android's annual software update. Other upgrades include an improved notification stack, an eye-saving Android "Extra Dim" dark mode, improved aesthetics and design in many often-used features, and plenty more. 

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