Android 12 will improve notifications stack

Android 12 will improve notifications stack
We recently compiled together every juicy detail we could find about the upcoming Android 12 update, to keep you in the know of what's coming this fall. However, as Google continues testing and experimenting with the new software, there's always new leaks to find out about. 

Thanks to AndroidPolice, we know of another little update that's making the rounds. It seems the new OS version will have a slightly different-looking notifications drop-down, this time putting function over minimalist form in the new layout.
Leaked side-by-side screenshots show that the new layout makes better use of available space, and is able to fit more notifications in the drop-down stack. The little "expansion" counter has also changed places, moving upwards from the bottom right corner and looking slightly more elegant. 

Some other new features we've already covered include rolling screenshots which allow you to capture a whole page, improved split-screen multitasking, a new Google Assistant trigger, and plenty more.

It should be noted that the new notifications layout isn't set as final by any means, and is subject to change at any time. The final Beta version of Android 12 isn't set for release until August this year, so the developers have plenty of time to make additional tweaks and improvements. We'll keep you informed if anything more changes!

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