10 Amazon Prime benefits you didn't know about (2023)

10 Amazon Prime benefits you didn't know about (2023)
Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events of the year, is almost on our doorstep. This year, the shopping bonanza will commence on July 11 and continue for 48 hours. And just as last year and as every year before since 2015, we expect Amazon to offer some incredible deals on your favorite smartphones, tablets, wearables, and much more. Brands include Apple, Samsung, Bose, Sony, and, of course, Amazon’s own smart devices. There will be great deals on TVs, too.

Get Amazon Prime now, including a 30-day free trial!

Amazon Prime Day is a Black Friday-level event that you definitely shouldn’t miss. However, in order to capitalize on all of the amazing deals on Amazon during the shopping spree, you must be an Amazon Prime Member.

Being subscribed to Amazon Prime gives you a lot more than exclusive access to great deals on Amazon Prime Day. For example, as a Prime Member, you can take advantage of Amazon's Prime Delivery service, which lets you choose from millions of items that are delivered to your door in 1-2 days, or even on the same day.

Also, as a Prime Member, you have access to Prime Video, where you can find some of the most popular and loved series like The Peripheral, Citadel, The Boys, and some absolute classics like Friends, The Office, and more. Some of the best-selling films of the past few years have also been exclusively released on Prime Video.

Prime Delivery, Prime Video, and Prime Day are probably the most popular and valuable services offered with your membership and a great reason to subscribe to Prime. If you take advantage of these benefits, then your Amazon Prime membership is definitely worth the money you spend on it.

However, we’d like to help you get the most out of everything Prime has to offer, and that’s why we’ve picked our favorite Amazon Prime benefits, which you might not be familiar with! They are listed in no particular order, but we’re sure you’ll decide what’s most valuable to you.

1. Amazon Music

Sure, it’s not Amazon Music Unlimited, which gives you access to millions of songs in HD, Ultra HD, or Spatial Audio quality, but it lets you stream millions of songs and a large number of podcasts ad-free, on-demand. It’s perfect for casual listeners, and you might not ever need to upgrade to Unlimited if you can listen to your favorite songs in a good, but not Ultra HD good audio quality and don't need the listening offline feature that Unlimited gives you. Still, if you want a premium subscription for a streaming service, check out our mega music streaming services comparison to find out which one is best for you.

2. Amazon Photos

We live in an era when we constantly take photos, which are usually huge because we want the best quality possible. However, manufacturers removed our beloved microSD card slot from high-end smartphones and now charge extra for phones with bigger storage space. But you will never have a problem storing your photos if you have Amazon Prime, because it gives you unlimited, full-resolution photo storage.

You can add your pictures in the free Amazon Photos app for Android/iOS and online and view them on all your devices from anywhere in the world. No SSD, flash drive, or memory card is needed.

3. Share your Prime benefits

Did you know you can link your account with one other adult to share shipping, streaming access to movies/TV shows, Prime Reading, and Prime Photos? If you didn’t, you’re welcome! Now you can split the cost of your Prime membership with your roommate without having to feel robbed for sharing your password for free! Plus, students get a discount, so it’s truly a steal.

4. Prime Reading

Automatically included in your Amazon Prime membership, Prime Reading lets your library card rest in favor of a private e-library with a selection of over 1000 books and magazines. This one is also shareable in your household, meaning you can share your Reading account with family members or friends. Popular titles include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling and The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. Reading even lets you listen to audiobooks without the need for an Audible subscription!

5. Prime Try Before You Buy

It’s that simple: You order, and try on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories at home. Only then you decide whether you’d like to pay and keep them, or simply ship them back to Amazon. It’s Zappos “runlimited” on steroids. We see this being helpful to fussy shoppers, but also to people with limited mobility, who can’t go to a store. Definitely a good one!

6. Free ultrafast grocery delivery

Ever dreamed of doing your grocery shopping from the comfort of your home? With Prime, you can. You have to shop on Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market, but even then, it’s a service that can save the day! Bear in mind that this one is only available in select regions.

7. Key by Amazon

This one is rather vague if you look at the title, but what it enables is truly incredible. “Key” lets you receive Amazon packages securely inside your home, garage, or even in your car trunk - perfect for those on the move. It’s secure too. You can check the status of your door and monitor deliveries right from the Key by Amazon App.

8. Amazon Kids+

Formerly known as FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon Kids+ gives you unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, games, and premium kid’s skills. Unfortunately, in this case, you still have to subscribe separately, but Prime members get a 40% discount, bringing the price to just $2.99 per month!

9. Audible perks

Well, as you might know, Audible is also an Amazon company. Prime members get any two titles free with an Audible Premium Plus trial and subscription. If you aren’t a Prime member, you get only one. Moreover, The Audible Plus Catalog gives you access to podcasts, guided wellness, and Audible Originals!

10. Free, fast shipping on all Zappos orders

Just like Audible, Woot! and Twitch, Zappos is also owned by Amazon! Therefore, you get some exclusive perks associated with your orders there. You get a 30-day “runlimited guarantee”, which lets you wear your shoes for 30 days before deciding to keep them; Prime shipping; a 10% student, teacher, and military discount, and more.

What we learned about Amazon's extra Prime benefits in 2023...

Your Amazon Prime membership is not only a delivery subscription that happens to let you watch some of your favorite movies on Prime Video. It's so much more! The ten benefits we've listed are incredible, but the truth is there are even more. Altogether, they can save you a lot of resources!

For example, Prime Wardrobe is a fantastic opportunity to save time from shopping in-store, and we know that time is money. Prime Photos can save you hundreds of dollars, as you won't need an external storage drive to keep your photos and videos.

You can find updated information about all benefits included with your Amazon Prime membership here.

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