ZTE Nubia Z7 rumored with a 6.3-inch screen beyond 1080p, 8-core processor

Ready for a rumor that is as wild as a bobcat? Well, you better have a salt shaker nearby. GizChina reports that ZTE is already working on a new flagship Android smartphone called the Nubia Z7. As a side note, the ZTE Nubia Z5 is currently among the best that the company has to offer, packing a 5-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera, and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro system-on-a-chip. So, what could possibly make the ZTE Nubia Z7 even better? Well, let's start with its sheer size.

According to the sources of today's rumor, the ZTE Nubia Z7 will have a 6.3-inch display with a jaw-dropping resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. Only weeks ago, a handset of this size would have seemed ridiculous, but since Huawei already has the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate on display, the existence of a smartphone with a screen a fifth of an inch bigger doesn't seem all that unlikely. But the list of mind-blowing (yet far from confirmed) specs does not end here. It is speculated that ZTE will equip the Nubia Z7 with an 8-core processor running at 1.4GHz. Interestingly, this isn't the first time we hear about the possibility of an 8-core CPU landing inside a ZTE smartphone, so the rumor might be onto something. The tipster also mentions the presence of a Mali-T658 GPU, 16MP camera, 4,000mAh battery, 128GB of storage and LTE radio. Supposedly, the ZTE Nubia Z7 will come running Android 5.0.

All of this seems way too good to be true, so we'll label this rumor as highly dubious. Even if this ZTE Nubia Z7 is real, albeit only on a conceptual level, it would be extremely unlikely for it to materialize anytime soon given the fact that it is supposed to run Android 5.0. 

source: GizChina



1. RaKithAPeiRiZ

Posts: 1488; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

cant help but laugh at the name Nubia ...i must be watching too much porn i guess

2. naptown2

Posts: 70; Member since: Dec 29, 2012


3. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Those are sum killer specs. Zte must really want sum media attention the only thing i like is the processor &a battery life. Pretty sure the report is false

4. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

I love how this rumor appears AFTER the Samsung announcement... kind of interesting time dont you think? and some of the specs.. the SSD drive will NOT happen. I have a feeling this "tipster" is phonearena.

5. bbblader

Posts: 590; Member since: Oct 24, 2011


7. PhoneArenaUser

Posts: 5498; Member since: Aug 05, 2011


11. sid07desai

Posts: 290; Member since: May 03, 2012


6. yyuu1000

Posts: 260; Member since: Jul 26, 2012

the phones are getting toooooooooo big make them from 4.3 to max 5.5 make more 4.7 inch and 5 inch phones

8. PhoneArenaUser

Posts: 5498; Member since: Aug 05, 2011

Agree! I think that sooner or later smartphone size will stop growing around 5.5" because bigger is definitely not ergonomic according to humans physiology.

15. fanboy1974

Posts: 1345; Member since: Nov 12, 2011

Don't worry. Iphones aren't changing anytime soon.

9. speckledapple

Posts: 902; Member since: Sep 29, 2011

Beasty specs but if its just about grabbing headlines its not worth much to me. However, if ZTE really is bringing their A game with this device, I would love to see it outside in the wild.

10. jove39

Posts: 2149; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

Don't know what to say...6.3" with 2560x1440 resolution...8 Cores...4000mAh battery...is it imagination!

12. pslee

Posts: 40; Member since: Dec 05, 2012

this is like a computer spec. i say in two years, phone are capable of running anything that a laptop can do???

13. MistB

Posts: 581; Member since: Jul 07, 2012

don't forget the transition to 64 bit will ensure 4GB of RAM will be on our devices pretty soon. By then, we can no longer call them phones but practically smaller computers.

32. keithinvegas

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 10, 2013

My Samsung Note 2 is a small computer. It completes 60% of what I need done during the day.

33. MistB

Posts: 581; Member since: Jul 07, 2012

So what about the other 40%?

14. fanboy1974

Posts: 1345; Member since: Nov 12, 2011

I need a new pair of underwear. I just crapped my pants.

18. dc0321

Posts: 24; Member since: Nov 21, 2012

lol.....just take it to dry cleaning

16. jibraihimi

Posts: 816; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

6.3" 2560 by 1440 screen, 1.4 GHZ octocore processor, 4000MAH battery, 128GB internal memory. The specs of this tablet is insane, hope they launch this tablet with same specs, but I'm thinking about it's price, hope the price of this tablet is not as Insane as it's specs........... And ya I called it's tablet because it's one, anything above 6" should come under tablet category not Phones or phablet, phablet could be between 5"-6", above this it should be tablet. If we call this as phablet or phone, then even Nexus 7, samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 etc should also come into phablet category, because they are little bit bigger than this device, and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 can also make regular cellular phone calls.........

17. abhishek48

Posts: 164; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

I really cant think of a display better than HTC droid dna... and on it also...its only slightly better than 720p phones.. will this huge display in small screen.. be useful.?

19. IliyaBeshkov

Posts: 261; Member since: Jul 09, 2012

8-core cpu with Mali-T658 gpu.... This is the new Samsung Exynos 5 octa processor!!!

20. dc0321

Posts: 24; Member since: Nov 21, 2012

please stop the screen size war and start a battery life war instead....we want more juice!!we want more juice!!

21. Lifengineer

Posts: 44; Member since: Dec 15, 2011

Completely agree! I find this race so idiot and has a limit! I mean who needs a 400 or 500 or 600 ppi screen!!! However battery life has no boundaries ! The more you give the more I can use my phone!

24. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 593; Member since: May 26, 2011

Agreed! Everyone seems to be focused on faster chipsets and higher megapixel cameras, but nobody seems to be addressing the battery life issue that has existed since the beginning of android.

25. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 593; Member since: May 26, 2011

As a owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I'll be the first to admit the I'm very impressed with the battery life considering I live in a 4G area. Under light use I can get more than 3 days out of my device. Under moderate use I can get 1.5 up 2 days. I haven't put it to a heavy usage test.

26. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 593; Member since: May 26, 2011

I haveThunderbolt with a single core clocked at 1GHz, rezound battery that has a 1620mAh capacity and battery saving apps to maximize the battery life. The Note 2 comes with a quad core clocked at 1.6GHz and a battery just under twice the size of the rezound battery with a capacity of 3100mAh and the stock power saving features. I can barely get just over a full day out of my Thunderbolt under light usage.

27. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 593; Member since: May 26, 2011

So it will be interesting to see what kind of battery longevity per charge these new octa cores will produce.

28. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 593; Member since: May 26, 2011

By the way this comparison was made based on the phones primarily operating in a WiFi environment.

22. techguy22

Posts: 227; Member since: Aug 09, 2012

wow this is insane now. make 7inch cell phone already.

23. Techsplash

Posts: 41; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

yes sure why not.guys be positive.when it will release in two years so why not.

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