Your mama raised no quitter but if you're on T-Mobile, a threat to quit will unlock discount

Your mama raised no quitter but if you want to ditch T-Mobile, a threat to quit can help
Whether lured by another carrier or fed up with the existing service, whatever your reason may be for leaving T-Mobile, the company has two secret deals to make you stay.

T-Mobile has been on a roll lately. The company has managed to break the spell that was cast mostly by its own bad decisions and invited the wrath of many customers and has come up with very attractive promos and offers in recent times.

For those who still want to bolt, the carrier apparently has two lucrative deals that may make them change their minds.

According to The Mobile Report, disgruntled customers who contact the company might be offered one of the two promotions that are only for those who threaten to part ways with the company.

Per an internal document viewed by the outlet, the promotion is called "Stay Magenta," and can only be offered and activated by customer care representatives. This means you can't activate it on your own. Even in-store representatives won't be able to help with it.

All postpaid customers are eligible as long they have at least one voice line. They will either get a $10 discount on their bills for the next 6 months or a $25 discount for the next 2 months. The discount will be reflected as a bill credit. Customers will only get the offer if they agree to stay with T-Mobile for the duration of the promo period.

Your only hope of receiving this offer is through a customer care agent either on the phone or through social media.

The last time T-Mobile offered a discount like this was in March when the carrier offered a discount of $10 for 6 months to boost customer retention.

If you are on the fence about ditching T-Mobile, you might want to reach out to a customer care representative and see if a discount will change your mind.

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