Yahoo gives employees a list of smartphones to choose from for work

Yahoo gives employees a list of smartphones to choose from for work
Last month, Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer put employees on notice that she wanted them to get rid of the BlackBerry handsets they were using for work and switch to the Apple iPhone. The goal was to get everyone working for the company using the same platform at work. The CEO thought that with everyone using the same platform, productivity could improve and the estimated $2 million cost of the program would not be a burden for the company.

Recently, Business Insider  found a note from Mayer to the staff which announced a new program called Yahoo! Smartphones, Smart Fun! Under the terms of the program, BlackBerry handsets are forbidden at work. The executive said that Yahoo looked at the penetration rates of smartphones globally and wanted Yahoo employees to own the same devices as Yahoo users so that those who work for Yahoo can think and work just like a majority of Yahoo users do.

With that in mind, those who toil for Ms. Mayer's company will be allowed to choose a handset from amongst the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE or the Nokia Lumia 920. And not only is Yahoo paying for the handset, they will also take care of employee's monthly data and phone bills. The company is also going to drop its support for BlackBerry handsets.
source: BusinessInsider
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