Xiaomi Mi MIX owners need to buy a case and insurance

Xiaomi Mi MIX owners need to buy a case and insurance
Right after the Xiaomi Mi MIX was unveiled in late October, we showed you the picture of a unit that had slipped from its owner's hand. The unprotected device ended up with a huge piece of broken glass missing from the screen, making the device unusable. But what else could you expect from a phone that has a screen to body ratio anywhere from 84% to 91% depending on whom you ask?

If you're lucky enough to snag a Mi MIX, you'll almost certainly want to protect the phone with a case. Images show that the handset holds up better when it's wearing protection. But that is common sense. Another thing to consider is the insurance. According to a report published today out of China, insurance for the phone costs only the equivalent of $36 USD a year. That seems like a bargain for a phone with so much glass on it. The insurance covers the screen, water damage and drops.

One weibo poster showed a picture of his Mi MIX after it fell 1.64 feet off a table, landing on the ground. A piece of glass broke off of the corner of the display, leaving a small but visible hole even though a protective case was being worn. The owner of the phone said that he suspects that the Mi MIX glass design is defective, something that some Google engineers also believe. We should point out that Gorilla Glass is not used on the full screen concept phone.

Comparing pictures of the Mi MIX after falling to the ground, it is easy to see that buying a case and insurance are the best investments that you can make on your new head-turning handset.

source: MyDrivers (translated) via XiaomiToday

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