Windows Phone 7 to make iOS and Android look outdated says Nokia's president

Windows Phone 7 to make iOS and Android look outdated says Nokia's president
Nokia president and head of North American operations, Chris Weber (no, not the former NBA star) has laid down the gauntlet. In an interview yesterday, the Nokia executive said that Windows Phone 7 makes iOS and Android look outdated. Weber says the big difference between the platforms is that while iOS and Android are built around apps, Windows Phone 7 is built around a user's contacts making things easier and quicker with some functions requiring fewer steps.

For example, with iOS and Android, if you want to send a message to someone via a tweet, you first open up your Twitter app. With Windows Phone 7, using live tiles, you click on the person who you are sending the message to and then decide how you are going to send it. And the Mango update will allow many actions to be controlled by simply using your voice. Nokia says this ends up in fewer steps required to send your message.

Nokia has its biggest marketing campaign ready to move when its new Windows Phone 7 models are ready to be launched. Weber says these launches will happen "in volume" during 2012. What needs to happen in volume is sales of Nokia phones. The Finnish based firm has lost its place on top of the global smartphone market to Apple and Nokia is counting on Microsoft's mobile OS to regain the crown. Will a Mango-updated Windows Phone 7 be able to make iOS and Android look outdated? Check the video below, showing some of the VentureBeat interview with Weber.

source: VentureBeat via readwriteweb

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