Windows Phone 7 to be that special someone on AT&T

A spokesperson of AT&T mentioned that it will be the “premier carrier for Windows Phone 7”. We already had the sneaking suspicion that will be the case, but it is nice to have official confirmation. Given how WP7's strategy is to appear on numerous carriers in different form factors, and Verizon is up to the eyeballs in well-spec'd Android handsets, AT&T seems a logical choice for WP7 not to feel like a stepchild.

AT&T thrives in monogamous committed relationships – just look at what its love affair with Apple added to the bottom line last quarter. Both sweethearts know, however, that the tingling of excitement is poised to wear off, and the relationship is not without problems. Thus the carrier seems to be hedging its bets in matters of the heart by becoming a loving family for WP7 devices as well, and also adopting some nice Android handsets for that all-important portfolio diversification. Now all we can hope for is that its network equipment doesn't give up the ghost under the data load...

source: PC World

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