Get ready to be Captivated at AT&T as the carrier launches its Galaxy S variant

Get ready to be Captivated at AT&T as the carrier launches its Galaxy S variant
Today, AT&T joins the other three major U.S. wireless carriers by offering a top of the line, high-end Android device chock full of goodies. Today, Pinocchio is a real boy. The Samsung Captivate is the carrier's version of the Galaxy S which was launched last week by T-Mobile as the Samsung Vibrant, and both share the same 4 inch Super AMOLED display with support for 16.7 million colors, and the 1GHz Hummingbird processor that keeps things, uh, humming along. Android 2.1 is to be found under the hood at launch. One of the great mysteries of life is why Samsung decided to leave out a flash on such a high-end device. Perhaps, you are expected to be so captivated by the phone that the manufacturer felt that you wouldn't be stopping to do something as mundane as take a couple of snapshots in low lit areas. Nonetheless, this phone gives AT&T customers a dilemma as they decide between the Captivate and the iPhone 4. With a 2-year contract, the phone will cost you $199.99, which is what a high-end Android device goes for these days. Off contract, the price is $499.99. After today, Verizon will have the Samsung Fascinate to launch some time in the future and Sprint will have its Galaxy S Pro variant, the Samsung Epic 4G, to release. The Galaxy S Pro features a landscape sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Captivate Specifications | Review

source: AT&T via AndroidCentral

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