Windows Phone 7 powered Microsoft handset to be made by Asus, launched in 2011?

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Windows Phone 7 powered Microsoft handset to be made by Asus, launched in 2011?
When Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 7 at MWC, the OS was running a phone made by Asus that is not expected to be made commercially available. Or is it? According to a report in The Street, equity analyst Ashkok Kumar, who nailed info on the Nexus One before the herd, says that Asus and Microsoft have encountered some headwinds in trying to put together the next "iPhone Killer". The candy-bar shaped device is expected to run on Windows Phone 7, natch, and Kumar has spent coutnless hours talking to vendors and Microsoft's design partners. The analyst says that problems have shut down production for the moment which might put off launch until early in 2011. While the analyst has no concrete idea on what has shut down the production, his guess is that it is software related and that all handsets planning on debuting with Windows Phone 7 might have to suffer a delay. Microsoft officials would not comment on the report. By producing its own handset, the Redmond based firm could risk upsetting some of its own customers like HTC and Samsung. Of course, this is exactly the same risk that Google had to weigh before introducing the Nexus One.

source: TheStreet via UnwiredView



1. Kiltlifter

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I don't think that is correct. Asus is a large partner for Microsoft products. They make computer parts, notebooks and netbooks, and have made WinMo Devices before (Garmin-Asus Nuvifone for example). Just because the device was used by MS to demonstrate WP7s was made by Asus doesn't mean that it is a "Microsoft Phone", it is an Asus Phone running WP7s where the software was engineered by microsoft. I only buy Asus motherboards when I build my PC, but I will only buy an HTC WinMo phone, so.... take this with a grain of salt. I see production being held back until WP7s is completely ready for launch. Maybe Microsoft chose Asus as their partner to release the first view of WP7s becuase they could trust Asus employees not to leak info before it was ready. I love HTC products, but I am sick of people leaking info about the phones months before they come out. That ruins their competitive edge as a software company and hardware manufacturer.

2. j0nytn

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I see this Asus phone as a distraction =D I believe the first mobile phone will be from Danger (the company that produced the sidekick line of devices) whom Microsoft bought out a couple years back.

3. Kiltlifter

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Danger is making "feature phones" running a different OS developed by microsoft... they will not be branding Windows anything, but basically a better sidekick for everyone, not just t-mo

4. baba 56 unregistered


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