Will Japan Display supply Apple with AMOLED screens for the iPhone starting in 2018?

Will Japan Display supply Apple with AMOLED screens for the iPhone starting in 2018?
Amid rumors that Apple will start producing the iPhone with AMOLED screens starting in 2018 or 2019, we've already passed along the speculation that LG Display and Samsung Electronics will be the chief suppliers of the displays. But a report published this morning just might contain the name of another possible source of these panels for Apple.

According to Reuters, Japan Display will start producing OLED panels by 2018 in order to catch up to LG and Samsung. The timing seems to be more than just a coincidence since we could see AMOLED screened iPhones start rolling out during the same year. This news comes with a possible blockbuster deal looming in the background.

As we told you the other day, both Foxconn and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) are looking to purchase Sharp. The Japanese electronics firm also has a display business that supplies Apple. Since INCJ already owns part of Japan Display, if it can purchase Sharp and merge its display business with Japan Display, the latter will become a much larger producer of smartphone displays..

Since AMOLED screens don't require backlighting, an Apple iPhone using such a display could be thinner. Apple might use the extra space to provide the device with a larger capacity battery. Already, there is talk that the Apple iPhone 7 will eliminate the 3.5mm earphone jack in order to squeeze in a longer-lasting power plant, and to offer a thinner design.

Currently, the iPhone uses an IPS LCD panel. 

source: Reuters

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