Who reset Farook's iCloud account? FBI and San Bernardino point fingers at each other

Who reset Farook's iCloud account? FBI and San Bernardino point fingers at each other
Who reset the iCloud account on the Apple iPhone 5c at the center of all of the controversy between Apple and the federal government? Apple reportedly held an impromptu press conference with certain members of the media on Friday night, with the condition that executives not be quoted or named. During the conference, Apple said that the phone's iCloud password was reset while in government custody.

The problem is that we are dealing with two government agencies, the FBI with its square-jawed suited agents, and the San Bernardino Department of Public Health. The latter actually owned the phone, and gave it to deceased terrorist Syed Farook to help him do his job.

The question now, is which government agency tried to hack into the iPhone in an attempt to pull out information? Which one of the two government entities does that sound like, the FBI or the sleepy little San Bernardino Health Department? With each agency pointing their finger at the other, the latest word is that the San Bernardino Health Department reset the iCloud password at the FBI's request.

It might not really matter which agency was responsible (except to prove that one is lying); an Apple executive said on Friday that had the reset not happened, Apple and the feds wouldn't be battling each other in court right now. Once iCloud backups are disabled, getting information from inside an iPhone becomes a much harder task.

source: TheGuardian


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