WhatsApp is down once again

WhatsApp is down once again
So this is what you get for $19 billion these days? WhatsApp's servers are down, which means that the messaging app is offline at the moment. As you know by now, Facebook is buying the messaging app for $19 billion, which works out to $42 per subscriber. If this whole scenario seems too familiar to you, it is because back in February, the same thing took place. That outage took place just a few days after Facebook's bid for WhatsApp.

That first outage was quite a boon for rival messaging app Telegram, which was signing up 100 new members each second. And the African subsidiary of condom maker Durex sent out a tweet reminding people what they could do instead of sitting back and waiting for WhatsApp to return to service.

Whatever your backup plan is for messaging, better load it on your mobile device now. You can also drop us a comment telling us your experience with WhatsApp this afternoon. And if the service comes back up for you, let us know that as well. If you have Windows Phone, WhatsApp was recently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to bugs that drained the batteries of Windows Phone handsets. There is talk that Microsoft is teaming up with WhatsApp to bring the messaging app back to the platform.

source: AndroidCentral



1. maxmppower unregistered


2. Arte-8800

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3. 0xFFFF

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Not surprising considering all the new NSA software that is getting installed.

4. androtaku

Posts: 246; Member since: Dec 12, 2013

down for a few minute doesn't end the world we know it today...don't make it such a big fuss

5. alumoyo

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Didn't notice - been working for me!

6. madmikepr

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Im using whatsapp+ and is not down :)

7. TheGenius

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What's whatsapp+ ? I've heard of it but never found it in the playstore.! Is it available for android.?

8. Crispin_Gatieza

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"Whatever your backup plan is for messaging, better load it on your mobile device now." Thanks for the tip Skippy, but my phone came from factory with a messaging app.

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