What's your favorite smartphone trend for 2017?


The year is almost behind us, and what a rollercoaster it was waiting for the Infinity Display Galaxy S8 or Apple's anniversary iPhone X to appear, and everyone placing their bets on an "all-screen" design of sorts in response. Well, the iPhone X arrived, notch and horns, and the move to bezel-less bodies seems here to stay, tagging along with it taller, narrower displays with 2:1 aspect ratio, or thereabouts. Some like it, some not so much, but overall, we will likely have to get used to it going forward. The year-on-year average battery life also improved, which can only be viewed in a positive light.

A few other notable trends are the glut of startups - like Essential, RED or Razer - that took aim at the incumbent juggernauts, but also the higher average prices for our phones, as manufacturers keep adding premium all-glass bodies, fast and wireless charging options, more memory, second cameras at the back and front, HDR-certified displays, and unique identifiers like Face ID or curved Infinity Display designs. 

We didn't ask for a lot of those, but they are here nonetheless, along with the respective price bumps. That is why we wanted to ask you what is your favorite smartphone trend that emerged this year, and we have identified a few below, but feel free to comment on anything else you might have been pleasantly surprised by in 2017.

What's your favorite smartphone trend in 2017?

"All-screen" designs with shaved-off bezels
Taller, narrower displays
Dual cameras everywhere
HDR displays
10nm chipsets
Better average battery life
All-glass bodies across categories
More features at higher prices
Proliferation of smartphone startups like Essential, RED or Razer
Wider adoption of fast and wireless charging

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