OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy S8 vs LG V30 vs Pixel 2 vs HTC U11 price comparison


The new OnePlus 5T will solidify the company's value-for-money street cred, as the CEO promise for a flagship that won't break the bank got fulfilled, at least as far as the US pricing is concerned. How about a Snapdragon 835-equipped handset with the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio 6" display that fits in a body at the size of 2016's 5.5-inchers, with 8GB RAM/128GB storage model, fast charging, dual f/1.7 aperture cameras on the back, and, thankfully, a fast finger scanner also placed there, for less than $600? 

Not bad at all, but let's compare this price with other popular phones that have powerful specs, too, both for the United States, and worldwide. As you can see from the table below, whether the OnePlus 5T is a bargain or not depends strongly on your location. 

In the US, where Apple and Samsung dominate the carrier field, it definitely is, save for other underdogs like the Essential Phone, while in Europe that role is played by Nokia 8. Needless to say, you can find a lot of these phones through third-party e-tailers on Amazon for less, and then the price advantage argument gets murkier, but for the most popular ones we are sticking with the official tags, unless it's Amazon itself or a reputable vendor that sells them for less, warranty and all. For ease of conscience, we are only including direct Snapdragon 835 competitors here.

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