Samsung explains “Infinity Display” on the Galaxy S8 and S8+


Unlike previous Galaxy S flagships, the S8 and S8+ pack unique displays that have been trademarked by Samsung early this month. The so-called “Infinity Display” include some innovative features that go beyond just different resolution and size.

First off, let's just mention that both Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature displays with WQHD+ resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels (18.5:9 ratio). It's the same Univisium standard used by LG in the G6, but Samsung made some other improvements to its Infinity Display.

The Galaxy S8 display takes up more than 80% of the phone's front screen, and it's about 18% larger than the display of the previous Galaxy S7 model.

Samsung managed to unify all buttons by integrating them into the display itself, which allows for seamless interactions. Although the home, recent and back key arrangement remains the same, the button can now be triggered by touching the display.

What was once one of the trait features of the Galaxy S series, the physical Home button is now installed under the display. The key has been specially designed to mimic a regular physical button, so expect it to function and respond to pressure just like the latter would.

Furthermore, the recent and back keys can now be customized in different colors and should work just like standard soft keys. Samsung also managed to shrink the upper bezel even if added an iris scanner to the already standard front-facing camera and the full array of sensors.

The awkward Infinity Display's aspect ratio allows users to see and do more from the screen. Thanks to the 18.5:9 ratio, the Galaxy S8's display enables users to view more images and feeds on social media, as well as read more text in an email.

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On top of that, the display has been optimized for improved multi-window usability, so you'll be able to type a text message on the phone's full keyboard while watching a YouTube clip at the same time.

The new Snap Window feature included in the Galaxy S8 is supposed to further enhance multitasking by allowing users to pin a particular area from a recent app to the top of the screen, and keep using the space below it to do they stuff.

Another interesting feature that Galaxy S8 users will benefit from is Gentle Notifications, which uses Edge Lightning and a small toast pop-up message instead of large notifications.

Last but not least, Samsung has added Corning Gorilla Glass 5 coating for both Galaxy S8 and S8+ displays for the much needed extra protection.

source: Samsung

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