Verizon adds inductive battery covers for more of its top of the line smartphones

Verizon adds inductive battery covers for more of its top of the line smartphones
We are pretty sure you would agree if we say that being able to charge your smartphone's battery wirelessly is a pretty neat feature to have. No more looking for that pesky charger and dealing with entangled wires – just put your handset on the inductive charging dock and let science take care of the rest. Unfortunately, there are only a few gadgets out there that support inductive charging right now, and the technology has yet to hit the mainstream.

Thankfully, the list of smartphones that can be charged wirelessly has just become a little less short after Verizon expanded its line of inductive battery covers for its high-end handsets. Three additional devices can now take advantage of the technology, namely the Motorola DROID 3, the LG Revolution, and the HTC DROID Incredible 2. However, there is a catch – even though the carrier's inductive battery covers sell for $40 the most, you will need to purchase an inductive charging dock separately, which will cost you another $70. Fortunately, the costly accessory should be compatible with any gadget that has a compatible wireless charging back cover so it might be worth its price in the long run.

Those of you who are interested in going wireless can check out Verizon's accessories page at the source link below. It seems like a couple of the inductive battery chargers are out of stock already, which means that demand for them might be high.

source: Verizon via PPCGeeks

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