Upcoming quad-core phones recap

Upcoming quad-core phones recap
While you still can't go out and buy a handset with quad-core processor, many of those have already been announced, and the moment of truth is drawing near.

You should be interested in the phones with four processor cores not for the sake of the extra cores, of course - no average consumer will buy their phone just for that - but for the fact that they will mark the appearance of the 2012 high-end smartphone edition, meaning all-around better design and performance, and not only in the silicon department.

LG, Huawei, HTC and ZTE already announced their quad-core handsets, while Fujitsu and Samsung are expected to show them later on in the year as well, while we are patiently waiting on Motorola to leak its plans. Sony and Nokia dismissed the trend as silly, saying that it is not bringing much new to the table, which might be a valid argument, or just be chalked off to sour grapes, but in any case we are unlikely to see any quads from both this year. 

This leaves us with the following quad-core handsets from the spring crop that will be seeing the light of day in 2012. Of course, the holiday season at the end of the year will more than likely bring more, but these are the current contenders in the quad-core arena. What about software? Take a look at our article what apps take advantage of all four cores.

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