Unusual battery drain afflicting T-Mobile G2 users

Unusual battery drain afflicting T-Mobile G2 users
A number of T-Mobile G2 owners have been complaining about an abnormal battery drain on their phone. For example, some are going to bed with their phone showing 100% battery life only to wake up to find that their handset is dead. Others have complained that the battery becomes empty after 6 hours of use.

One theory proposed by Phandroid is that with the attempts by T-Mobile to deliver the Gingerbread update to the G2, the handset is constantly polling T-Mobile's servers until the update is delivered. One piece of evidence that supports this is the fact that the battery issue goes away when the phone is in Airplane Mode and is no longer trying to sync up with the carrier's servers. Another piece of evidence that seems to support this is that the problem with the battery goes away after the OTA Gingerbread update is installed.

One other possibility that seems slim is that the battery problems have to do with the new Google Maps 5.8 update that we told you about the other day. However, the battery drain situation pre-dates Wednesday's launch of Google Maps 5.8 which would make it an unlikely source of the problem.

If you own the T-Mobile G2 and have experienced the battery drain, let us know by dropping a comment in the box below!

source: T-MobileSupport via Phandroid

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1. joseg81

Posts: 204; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

well mayb if t-mobile pushed out the damn update then the problem would b gone.

6. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

this is something new. my wife has a G2 that had the gingerbread update from warranty replacement. The battery was phenominal compared to 2.2 up until last week. Now its draining like a mofo. She hasnt installed anything new exept the updates from the market. It has to be an app, be it google maps or something else. Heck, my vibrant battery isnt getting the life it got a few weeks ago. google maps, did u put some bad juju on us!?!? lol

2. Stuntman unregistered

I have the HTC Desire Z (the non-T-mobile version of the G2). I noticed a few weeks ago, that my battery draining at an abnormally high rate. I couldn't figure out why that is the case. Then a few days ago, I accidentally ran my task killer. Funny thing was my battery went back to normal after tha and didn't drain fast anymore. I'm with Bell Canada. There's no word yet on when we will receive the Gingerbread update.

3. Tmole unregistered

The battery drain isn't JUST for G2 users. My wife and I have experienced the issue (bad enough for us to do a search and find others with the same problem starting at the same time ~2 days ago) and we have the old antique MyTouch 3G HTC phones. Hers is standard build, miine is Cyanogen Mod. In other words it has nothing to do with phone hardware or Android build... Word on the forums is that if you set network to 2G, battery life is normal but I haven't verified that yet; and I'm PAYING for higher network speeds. Ughhhh!

4. MorsePacific

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 17, 2011

I haven't had any battery drain issues, personally, but the idea of the phone constantly polling the servers for Gingerbread update seems likely. I recently installed the Gingerbread ROM that has been out for a few months and haven't noticed this drain issue.

5. Seth Purdy unregistered

Yup, it's not just the G2. I started having the same problem on my Nexus One on T-Mobile here in Portland, OR earlier this week. Battery life used to be great (down just a percent every hour or two while idle). After charging overnight I'd usually be at 60-70% by the end of the day with light use (about 12-14 hours). Now it dies completely in just 7-8 hours even with no use whatsoever. I've tried uninstalling all my applications, and even wiping the phone completely, but the issue persists.

7. ed king unregistered

This was, and probably still is, a problem with the HTC Thunderbolt. It's really troublesome

8. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

Unlocked HTC Vision (Desire Z) with the same issue. I use task killer all the time but I still can't get more than 6-7 hours of life out of it, and I only have a few widgets that are updating themselves every 2 hours.

9. Jason Love unregistered

I am having the same issue. Battery drains like crazy! So what now?

10. Daedelus unregistered

I have the G2 and have noticed the battery drain since Tuesday of this week, went to T-Mo and had a new battery sent through insurance thinking the battery tanked on me but it is still draining fast. Any word on how to push the update through the phone? No computer so unable to push that way if its the only way. This is killing me as I use this phone constantly for work and carrying two batteries just barely gets me through a day of work.

11. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

settings, about phone,check for updates.

12. Roy G2 unregistered

i just got downloaded offically Gingerbread 2.3.3 from t mobile forum... everything went run great... battery run longer... it was like 8 to 10 hours!!!! i was so happy with that new gingerbread 2.3.3.. then about week later... i got something update Google Map v5.8... the battery drain so fast.. that what i learn from Phadroid... i wasnt sure if that Google Maps faults? i just want to let you know... my option that my phone drain was faster.. it from Fancy Widgets.. or Google Maps v5.8? i dont know.... let me uninstall Fancy Widgets to see if it still problem or not? btw, i have 4 extra batteries and 3 chargers!!!! lol thanks G2 Gingerbread 2.3.3 stock, not rooted

13. seannikk2 unregistered

Portland, OR - same battery issues with stock MT4G - started Tuesday - friend has stock G2 with same

14. joseg81

Posts: 204; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

I'm thinking it's maps, I just checked n maps has received 16+mb n has consumed 14% of my battery that don't seem right.

15. david webb unregistered

Had HTC Sensation and had same problem. The battery would be full when going to bed but when waking up it would be empty like battery low indicator flashing and red mark on the battery status bar. I found out my problem which was by the Equalizer application which had installed from the market to try it out. The application is awesome but the drawback is it drains battery in just 15 minutes. Before detecting what was causing the problem I had a very tough time. But, with better analyzing i could make out the source of the problem. So, after uninstalling the problem was solved. Now I am not going to install this application again unless the developers so something about this battery drainage problem caused by the application. If you are having problem with the battery drainage and don't have any solution right now. You could kill all the application manually from the quick settings if you have Sense 3.0. This might solve the problem temporarily and wait for the carrier to fix the problem in the meantime.

16. hemmerling unregistered

This IS due to the update attempting to be served. With the large amounts of G2s out there and the number of slots for downloads being available. Some speculate that the device is actually downloading the update bits at a time, and that is causing constant network activity. Though, I will say that my G2 shows the battery usage by the android system, most of all. This used to be the Display device taking most of the battery in any period of time.

17. napattacks unregistered

G2, Portland, OR, same battery drain issue. Dreadful stuff. Maps isn't the problem. Went into the T-Moblie store near me, and they had no response other than to "call back in a few days" while they try to figure something out.

18. Unhappy unregistered

I have a T-Mobile G2 and am experiencing the same issue. As mentioned above, "Cell Standby" and 'phone Idle' are eating up 94% of the total battery usage. I uninstalled the Google Maps recent upgrade, and it seems to have no effect.

19. Seth Purdy unregistered

I have the same issue with Nexus One here in Portland, OR. It's also NOT the Google Maps update. I uninstalled Google Maps completely (I can do that as I'm running CyanogenMod). Battery drain remained severe. Only workaround right now is to limit the phone to 2G/EDGE for the cellular connection. That brings battery drain right back to normal. Everything was fine for me until last Tuesday when this started. I'd been running the same ROM and using the same applications for weeks without issue. I've also tried wiping the phone completely, but the problem persists. T-Mobile's got an issue. In some geographic areas the 3G service seems to be misconfigured such that it's preventing phones from idling correctly.

20. Jess2868 unregistered

the battery life to my g2 has been draining out since thursday evening, I updated the phone thursday afternoon with the new software. I'm so glad I am not the only one having difficulties with the battery because I was about to purchase a new battary thinking something was wrong with it. Does anyone know how long it will take Tmobile to fix this issue because its really annoying having to charge the fun every five hours!

21. Dantenatas unregistered

Chalk up another Portland, OR. I started noticing my battery draining last Wednesday on my G2. My wife is also having battery issues with her My Touch Slide. Seem to be a lot of people in Portland with this problem.

22. G2UserFortWorthTX unregistered

I'm having the battery drain issue for about a week now. I think it's related to the 3G/4G network. If I put it on 2G only then my battery is fine. I have tried turning off background sync, stopping all none essential services, uninstalling apps/updates. TMobile has a problem with their network and these phones and they refuse to acknowledge the issue or fix it.

23. G2UserPortlandOR unregistered

I'm another Portland Oregon user with severe battery drain that started last week about the time my phone was updated to 2.3.3. I think it started on Tuesday, just before the update arrived. Every morning I wake up with a dead phone--the battery gets so low it shuts itself off. And this despite having charged it during the day before. A couple of weeks ago I was getting a couple of days per charge--now not even 1 day, even if I don't use it.

24. adezd00 unregistered

Ive got the same problem here with the g2. It sounds like its due to the recent upgrades that have been done to their towers, I wish t-mo would hurry up and take care of it. For now the only option is to run my phone in 2g only mode. :(

25. TmobilePortland unregistered

Also in Portland, OR. My wife's MyTouch 4G has the battery drain problem and the only thing that solves it is switching to 2G only. My LG G2X does not have the problem.

26. Davien unregistered

My battery just started acting crazy today where I went from 100% to 72% in about 1hr and then completely drained after 5hrs. I didn't even use the phone at all to day and now I'm tethered to a charger for the rest of the day.

27. G2inMiami unregistered

I realized last night that my battery has been draining faster over the last week or so. Then last night I had my phone plugged in but it wouldn't actually charge. I went to bed with it connected and charging last night but then this morning my phone was off and wouldn't turn back on until I got it connected to the charger on a different outlet. It has turned off on it's own during the day again. I called T-Mobile before I found this and they told me it was a battery issue and directed me to call HTC warranty replacement. Just spoke to them and they are sending me a new battery, after their current shipment clears Customs from the Canadian border.

28. Jocelyn unregistered

I absolutely have had this issue for a little over a week now. Was getting about a day and a half on a battery charge with no battery saver, and data sync and wifi always on. About Wed of last week my battery all the sudden started draining rapidly on only lasting about 5 hours tops. I have monthly drained completely and charged completely with the power then off, and have attempted that several times since, lately not by choice, only because it dies on its own. The phone gets very hot. The bettery previously showed no signs of ageing. Have uninstalled updates to Maps. No dice. Same with words with friends, facebook, and tmobile my account. Have manually installed unrooted real version of 2.2.3 which was done and working fine for over a month. FIX please!!

29. Rick3rd unregistered

Ran into the battery drain problem on my G2 on about 7/27. Prior 18 months, battery would last about 1 1/2 days under my normal use. After 7/27 battery would drain in about 5 hours. I am with T-Mobile in Atlanta, GA. Read all the forums feeling like I had the 'cell tower poling' issue. I received the OS update to 2.3.4 yesterday 8/3. The problem still persists - fully charged battery life is about 5 hours. GPS off. usually have wifi on but turned it off this morning to see if it has an effect. Has T-Mobile made any announcements about this? that there is actually a problem? I have seen several posts where people have contact support but no official acknowledgement that there is actually a global problem.

30. ded G2 unregistered

I was wondering what was going on with my G2 lately. On top of fast battery drain, the phone would shut off randomly, including mid calls. The touch screen was also sticking very weirdly (which I thought was my fault, cleaning it continuously). All of a sudden within the last week or so all of the problems are gone so I assume others are having the same issues, on top of this crazy battery drain.

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