U.S. carriers unhappy about the way Samsung handled the Galaxy Note 7 recall

It's true that few thought Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be the subject of two global recalls, but as the saying goes troubles never comes alone. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung is not the only one that's taking the brunt of disgruntled customers, unlucky owners of the now doomed Galaxy Note 7.

A little bit of investigation among U.S. carriers that sold the Galaxy Note 7 until recently revealed that they are very unhappy about the way Samsung handled the recall process.

One AT&T store manager was quoted saying that the carrier is “getting the brunt of this, telling people that they can't get a Note 7, and before that, that we didn't have anything to give them in exchange.” He went on saying that he “can't even tell how many people have yelled” because the Note 7 was “garbage.”

In the same piece of news, Reddit user Mad-Mike86 called T-Mobile last week to explain the carrier that their replacement Galaxy Note 7 units are overheating while charging, but they were told that they have already stopped shipping replacements and they they have received “a new batch of replacement Note 7 phones,” which will ship out soon.

Apparently, Samsung suddenly decided the Galaxy Note 7 replacements it shipped aren't safe anymore and that they must be replaced with new ones. However, since Samsung has now confirmed that it has stopped all sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7, no one will receive another replacement, at least for the time being.

While it investigates the cause of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 replacements that we told you about last week, Samsung must find a quick way to recall all those faulty phablet that are still in the hands of many customers.

In the meantime, carriers and Samsung retail partners will probably be the first to take the burnt of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

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