U.K. ad shows a quick glimpse of new Nokia phone

U.K. ad shows a quick glimpse of new Nokia phone
We might have just seen a quick glimpse of the Nokia Catwalk in a 20 second ad that is running in the U.K. The phone has a metal body, which dovetails with the speculation that the model would have a casing made of aluminum. The phone is expected to be introduced Tuesday during an event in the U.K. We also should mention that the phone in the ad looks remarkably similar to the device that was called the Nokia Catwalk in pictures leaked last month. The hump around the camera and the flash appear to match.

On the other hand, between looks at the handset, we see the words "More than your eyes can see," during the short commercial, which makes us instantly think that this is an ad for a camera-centric model. And considering that the oft-rumored Nokia Lumia EOS could also be part of the festivities on Tuesday, perhaps what we see in the ad is that phone. After all, the EOS device is expected to feature a design similar to the Nokia Catwalk with the same 41MP rear camera sensor used on the Nokia 808 PureView. It could even be that the Nokia Catwalk and the rumored EOS device are one and the same.

As we pointed out this afternoon, U.K. carrier Vodafone has already decided to stock whatever Nokia introduces on the 14th. Meanwhile, you can check out the ad and the mystery Nokia camera below.

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source: YouTube, TheVerge via Engadget

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