Aluminum Nokia Catwalk smartphone poses for the camera


We've heard plenty of rumors about the elusive Nokia smartphone codenamed "Catwalk", which expected to offer Lumia 920-esque hardware packed inside a slimmer, metal-made body. However, this has to be the first time we get to see what the handset might actually look like, if this latest leak is to be trusted. 

The images of an alleged Nokia Lumia smartphone surfaced earlier on the internet via Chinese website Baidu. To be honest, it doesn't look particularly pretty in this form, but who knows, it might be just an early prototype. Although the handset is supposed to be constructed using aluminum elements, the back appears to be made of plastic. Its frame, on the other hand, might very well be made of aluminum. 

Since this Nokia Lumia smartphone is expected to be only 8.4 millimeters thin, it is not surprising to see a huge camera module protruding above the back's surface. The snapper is expected to be identical to the Lumia 920's 8.7MP camera and should also sport optical image stabilization. The shooter is reinforced with a dual LED flash, judging by what we see on the image. Further down the bottom of the smartphone's back we see a speaker grille and three metal connectors, the kind of which the Nokia Lumia 720 also has. These are used for wireless charging, but the functionality is enabled only with the use of a special case. 

On the front side of the leaked Nokia there's not a whole lot going on. We just see the earpiece with a Nokia logo underneath and a front-facing camera to the side. Interestingly, the front panel looks very similar to the one we saw in this video of a Nokia Lumia 928 screen assembly. Rumor has it that the display diagonal size of the Nokia Catwalk is 4.5 inches and the resolution is 768 by 1280 pixels

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As far as further specs go, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor will probably run the show, with the help of 1GB of RAM. On-board storage will be limited to 16GB while a 2000mAh non-removable battery will be under the hood. The Nokia Catwalk is said to tip the scales at only 132 grams, which is much less than what the chunky Nokia Lumia 920 weighs. 

The legitimacy of these Nokia Catwalk images has yet to be confirmed or debunked, so treat them as any other leak for the time being - with a pinch of salt. In case they aren't fake, then we might get to see the Nokia Catwalk on stage as soon as May 15

source: Baidu via The Verge

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