Two versions of HTC's new tablet are shipped to India for testing

Two versions of HTC's new tablet are shipped to India for testing
India's Zauba website tracks imports and exports into and out of the country. In the past, we have seen devices appear on the site as they get shipped into India for testing prior to being launched. HTC has two versions of a new tablet that are now being shipped from Taiwan into India to be put through their paces. 

One version of the tablet, which was recently shipped into India on June 26th, is called the HTC Desire T7 DS. The DS at the end of the name stands for Dual SIM, a feature that this variant of the slate supports. The HTC Desire T7 DS is valued at the equivalent of $180 USD. This model has a 7-inch screen, and a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU. HTC shipped 20 units of this slate into India for testing. On June 11th, HTC shipped into India for testing just one unit of the HTC Desire T7 tablet. Unlike the aforementioned version of the slate, this model has room for just one SIM card.

Since the tablets are just going through the testing phase now, it might be too early to expect HTC to announce a date when they will be unveiled. With its stock heading south, a flagship that isn't selling, and a business where things aren't looking too prosperous, it would behoove HTC to focus on the HTC Aero, the rumored name for the so-called "Hero" flagship handset that the company is expected to unveil in October.

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