Twitter will ban you if you pretend you're someone else. Unless you're joking

Twitter will ban you if you pretend to be somebody else. Unless you’re joking
Well, guys - It’s been a hell of a ride! After months of speculations, lawsuits and other headline-inspiring events, Elon Musk finally took over Twitter. And things not only haven’t calmed down since, they’ve escalated to new heights!

Elon completed his multi-billion purchase just in time for Black Friday and immediately started firing high executives. Then the news broke that Musk is planning to bump up the price to Twitter Blue (the paid subscription service) to a whopping $19.99 per month.

And now we have another piece of the puzzle in place, as Elon himself tweeted that the platform will be absolutely merciless toward accounts that try to impersonate someone else. Well, let’s not go to absolutes, in fact - there’s a way around this, and it involves clearly stating that the said account is a parody.

Furthermore, any Twitter Blue account that changes its handle will immediately lose the “verified” status, although that would be only temporary.

This drastic measure has its roots, and it’s perfectly understandable why Elon might be a little upset. After the acquisition many verified accounts changed their handles to impersonate Elon himself and started mocking the billionaire.

Some comedians such as Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman hopped on the bandwagon just to prove the big hole in the verification process (which Musk is trying to address now). Both accounts have been suspended, so these changes seem to be already in place and being enforced as we type this. Hilarious nonetheless.

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