Tweet from T-Mobile Help desk confirms Samsung GALAXY Note is on the way

Tweet from T-Mobile Help desk confirms Samsung GALAXY Note is on the way
Since April, we have seen numerous clues about a version of the Samsung GALAXY Note and its 5.3 inch display for T-Mobile. The latest clue was the listing of the phablet and documents for the device under the carrier's support site. None of the support documents could be loaded because a password is required to access them at this time. And while it was hoped that the listing of the phablet on T-Mobile's support page would mean that a launch is imminent, the tweet gives the impression that we are going to receive some information to ponder before the device is actually in the hands of T-Mobile customers.

The problem for T-Mobile customers is that a sequel for the Samsung GALAXY Note is in the works and  is expected to launch this October. Rumored specs for the sequel include 5.5-inch WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera, 1.5GB RAM, S Beam, S Voice, NFC, and LTE. While it certainly appears that the nation's fourth largest carrier is locked into launching the original Samsung GALAXY Note, there might be a point where offering it wouldn't make sense when another carrier, presumably AT&T, is about to offer the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

T-Mobile customers who can't wait can always go after the Samsung Galaxy S III. While not a phablet in the sense that the Samsung GALAXY Note combines the look and feel of both a phone and a tablet, the Galaxy S III does have a 4.8 inch screen and the S Pen which allows users to write on the screen. But the form factor of the Samsung Galaxy S III says "phone" more loudly than the form factor of the Samsung GALAXY Note.

If you have you heart set on the phablet, don't worry. The bottom line is that the odds favor that it will appear at T-Mobile. As usual, it is the "when" that is up in the air,

source: T-Mobile

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