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Apple CEO Tim Cook says that he uses his iPhone too much (VIDEO)

The new Screen Time feature unveiled today by Apple at WWDC measures how much time iPhone users spend each day and each week on individual apps. It also allows users to set time limits for using certain apps. It is all part of Apple's Digital Health initiative put together after fears of smartphone addiction made the headlines. Television commentators, analysts and so-called experts pointed their fingers at Apple, demanding that the company do something to stop a problem that they blame Apple for creating.

Whether you agree that smartphone addiction is the fault of Apple, or other device manufacturers, it seems that Screen Time is going to shock many iPhone users who are unaware of the time they spend on their handset every day. One such iPhone user is none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook. The executive said in an interview with CNN today that he thought he was disciplined when it came to his iPhone usage. After personally using Screen Time to track the time he spends on his phone each day, Cook admitted that he was wrong.

Apple's unveiling of its Digital Health platform, which will launch with the release of iOS 12 later this year, comes weeks after Google announced at Google I/O its Digital Wellbeing initiative. With Android Dashboard, coming soon, Android users will be able to see their daily phone usage, how often different apps are used, and how many notifications they receive in a day. In addition, Google has already added a feature to YouTube called "Reminder." YouTube viewers are able to set a reminder that goes off in 15 minutes to 180 minutes reminding them to take a break from binge watching videos.

During his chat with CNN, Cook said that Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. He added that "The privacy thing has gotten totally out of control. I think most people are not aware of who is tracking them, how much they're being tracked and sort of the large amounts of detailed data that are out there about them." Interestingly, when Apple introduced Digital Health at WWDC, it took a shot at Facebook when discussing its new privacy program.

Watch Apple's CEO discuss his iPhone usage on CNN by clicking the video at the top of this article.

source: CNN


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