Tim Cook asks for heavenly guidance from Steve Jobs in humorous picture

Tim Cook asks for heavenly guidance from Steve Jobs in humorous picture
With a stock price that is nearly half of what it was when the Apple iPhone 5 launched last September 21st, and with even its fans and co-founder wondering where the innovation has gone, Apple is currently experiencing the effects of gravity after years of repelling Newton's law. Add to the list the recent speculation of a delay in the expected Apple iPhone 5S, the low cost Apple iPhone and the next iteration of the Apple iPad mini, and you have to wonder where Apple CEO Tim Cook can turn to help improve Apple's current fortunes.

According to a picture posted by satirical publication The Onion, Tim Cook sought heavenly guidance from his mentor, the late Steve Jobs. The publication said that a weeping Cook screamed in desperation at Jobs' burial site, "What the hell do I do?! You left no instructions, damn it. I need another game-changing breakthrough product that millions can’t live without. Just give me one idea. One idea, for the love of God! Why are you torturing me like this?" That product could end up being the Apple iWatch,with 100 Apple engineers reportedly working on the device.

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source: TheOnion


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