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The future Verizon and AT&T 5G network just got Pixel 5 and LG Wing support

LG Wing and the Google Pixel will get access to new C-band 5G frequencies
At the moment, the iPhone 12 series sports a record number of 5G bands for every carrier that offers the service around the globe - from Korea to Verizon's ultrafast mmWave 5G network. To top it all off they are the first phones carrying the auctioned "C-bands" that will allow Verizon or AT&T to catch up to T-Mobile's low- to mid-band 5G coverage this year.

What about the Android camp, though, which of its phones will support the coveted C-spectrum? Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S21 line, as can be expected form Samsung's finest, but now also Google's Pixel 5, as PCMag was tipped, since its 5G C-band support approval passed through the FCC already. 

That's not very surprising in its turn, as Google is the only brands except Apple whose unlocked phones not only work on all US carriers out of the box, but also support the eSIM option on Verizon or AT&T, unlike, say, the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What's somewhat surprising, however, is that the other phone that was C-band approved by the FCC, has been the... LG Wing. That's right, that quirky handset will be able to take advantage of whatever Verizon and AT&T manage to muster with the newly-acquired C-band spectrum that Big Red spend $30 billion, and AT&T $20 billion for.

Go figure, but it might have something to do with Qualcomm's first integrated 5G modem chipset, Snapdragon 765, which both the LG Wing and Pixel 5 are running on. That gives us high hopes for the Snapdragon 888 phones, which is the first 8-series processor from Qualcomm with an integrated, not tack-on, 5G modem, and the S21 phones with it can take advantage of C-band networks. 

In any case, more will be revealed as the FCC chugs along with its C-band support approvals for more phones. For now, here's the scoop.

List of phones with Verizon or AT&T C-band 5G support:

  • Apple iPhone 12 and up
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 and up
  • Google Pixel 5
  • LG Wing
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