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The best and worst HTC smartphones we've ever reviewed


Last week, we showed you the best and worst Samsung devices that have ever ventured into our office for a full and thorough review. As HTC is one of the larger and more popular manufacturers, it has churned out a hefty amount of devices during the years. As you might imagine, many of these have passed through our hands.

While a lot of HTC devices have successfully wooed us with their design (the HTC One & One M8), certain features (the Desire EYE with its potent selfie shooter), or simply by being well-honed and polished devices as a whole, many products that bear the HTC logo have turned out to be quite disappointing and under-performing in one or many areas.

Below you'll find five of HTC's Android-powered devices that we've rated the highest and another five that have received the lowest ratings in our reviews. Check them out and feel free to discuss in the comments section right below!


Back in the day, we hardly found any cons for the device despite its slightly thicker silhouette and the not-so-impressive video recording quality. On the other side, we commended this 2010 phone for its A-class build quality, good performance, and impressive 4.3-inch display. 


The "father" of the HTC One (M8), 2013's HTC One was truly a phone to behold. Its stunning aluminum design, display, performance, and front-facing speakers secured it a pretty high review rating. As a whole, the device was close to perfect, though the UltraPixel camera that debuted alongside it was somewhat dragging it back.


The 2012 HTC Droid DNA is among the devices HTC aced. Save for the non-expandable on-board storage and the hardware keys, the device was as good as it got. Definitely one of the trend-setting Android phones from 2012, it was unfortunately a bit over-shadowed by Samsung's equally-impressive Galaxy S III.

HTC Amaze 4G

What else to say about the HTC Amaze 4G apart from praising its build, display, and commendable performance (as per 2011's standards)? Well, we have to be fair and mention its downsides: the sub-par battery life and the under-performing camera. 

HTC Sensation 4G

The Sensation 4G is another notable HTC device that suffered from certain issues (unimpressive battery life, sub-par viewing angles, and somewhat bulky build), but is still among the better phones the Taiwan manufacturer has released.

HTC Desire 200

As a device released in 2013, the HTC Desire was quite a disappointing offering. Yes, we should mention that it was an entry-level device, but its single-core Snapdragon S1 chipset and outdated Android OS that shipped by default (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) were quite disappointing.

HTC Salsa

HTC so-called Facebook phone did not live up to the hype built around it and turned out to be, well, a flop. Sporting a dedicated Facebook button and integration for the popular social network, the device was marred by issues that prevented it from being the smartphone HTC had certainly hoped with would be.

HTC Tattoo

Welcome to 2009, when HTC decided to re-invent the "low" in low-end and released the HTC Tattoo, a device that was nothing to write home about. On the contrary, the limited amount of available apps and dissatisfactory resistive screen were quite a let-down.

HTC Desire 601

Although the 601 was a mediocre handset that does the job, it failed to impress us with anything, yet generally disappointed in almost any area. Indeed, we are dealing with a mid-ranger, but this should never justify the existence of such unimposing handsets.

HTC Desire 310

By far, the worst HTC device to ever venture past the front door of our headquarters. Blame it on the awful display, the misshapen concoction that HTC called an user interface, an inferior rear camera, and the excessively-high and totally uncalled for price tag of roughly $220. We hope HTC never releases a device of the Desire 310's ilk. Ewww.

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