HTC Salsa Review

HTC Salsa Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can beused with T-Mobile USA and AT&T, but without 3G.


Salsa is your friend. You put it on nachos; you do it on the dance floor. The word conjures up images of socializing, music and fun times. We're guessing that's why Salsa is the name of HTC's latest social media, and more specifically, Facebook phone. With more explicit Facebook integration than most, the HTC Salsa, along with its sibling, the HTC ChaCha, carries a physical Facebook button to tie whatever's going on in your hand to the world of Facebook. Sitting between the HTC Wildfire S and the HTC Desire S, is the Facebook button enough to make us want some Salsa on our social networking or would we be better off ignoring this friend request and going for a more established model?


The first thing that strikes us about the design of the HTC Salsa is its build quality. This isn't a half baked chunky plastic job, it's every bit as well built as the HTC Desire S with an HTC Hero-esque styling. Until, that is, you arrive at the jarring blue button on the lower part of the fascia that makes it very clear what this phone's all about. But we'll come onto that later, now, lets talk about the screen.

You can compare the HTC Salsa with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

With HVGA resolution (320x480) and 3.4 inches of screen, the HTC Salsa delivers good overall contrast and brightness levels though isn’t very sharp. Viewing angles hold up pretty well and the capacitive display is certainly responsive enough to make the overall experience good, but it’s in the league below WVGA displays out there.

As far as the physical design goes, as mentioned, the HTC Salsa resembles a slightly squat HTC Hero with a chin that houses the all-important Facebook button. Directly below the display are 4 capacitive buttons while above is the front facing camera, light sensor and in-call speaker. There's a volume rocker and micro USB port to the left, while to the right is one of the best camera buttons we've seen on a phone, offering a large, easy to press, two stage shutter release. The power button and audio jack lie up top, while on the back is a 5MP autofocus camera, single LED flash and loudspeaker. The handset feels ergonomically curvaceous, though may be a bit thick and heavy for some. This all makes for a hardy mid-range bit of kit with a conspicuous Facebook button. That said, with the lackluster screen, we're hoping for some pretty special functionality to justify the HTC Salsa’s upper mid-range price-point.



31. Ranjith

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 27, 2012

how do salsa cost now jan 2012 and where i can buy in chennai, tamilnadu

32. bonnyk

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 18, 2012

hi Ranjith, now this model has been discontinued by HTC in INDIA , its last price was Rs.15000/- , u have to try yourself on various mobile shops weather they have it or not but it is still THE BEST PHONE IN Rs.15000/- category.

30. bonnyk

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 18, 2012

I agree that its internal app storage memory is somewhat low (120mb) but if you use it sensibly then it is sufficiant , see how it works , first factory reset your phone it will delete all your market installed apps but don't worry after reset switch on gprs or connect to wifi and visit market through your phone and go to my apps , all your apps are downloaded automatically , now be alert , download only those apps which you really need , stop downloading of unneccessary apps. I have all necessary apps installed in my salsa and still have 40mb free memory and my phone runs like charm and never hangs in 6 months of use . even LOW MEMORY has its OWN BENEFITS , your phone remains clean of unneccessy stuff, salsa supports apps with move to sd card feature , so move apps to sd cards to save memory but never move widgets to sd card . now check the list of following apps which i have installed on my salsa and still have 40 mb free memory : 1. air horn 2. angry birds rio 3. battery status 4. blackberry go laun. theme 5. cartoon theme 6. color note 7. photo vault 8. tiny compass 9. digital clock widget 10.fruit slice 11. go launcher ex 12. go locker 13. go locker four key theme 14. go locker christmas theme 15. go locker ice cream theme 16.go locker sense theme 17. go locker simple slide theme 18. go switch widget 19. go widget transparent 20. iphone go luan. theme 21. mobo player 22. codec for ARM 23. moody booth 24. NDTV widget 25. modern wood theme 26. old photo 27.paint pro 28. pocket 29. video vault 30. racing moto 31. red sensation theme 32. screen bang 33. screen off and lock 34. stamp GL theme 35. super swiss army knife 36. talking tom 37. text widget 38. volume control + 39. wood GL theme 40. talking alarm clock Now friends , you can see after installing that much useful stuff , I still have 40mb free memory and my SALSA is running smoothly with battery backup of one day .. I hope this may be useful for you .

29. gorakh

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 18, 2011

there are many complains about very few apps as it has low internal there any way to save apps in external memory?

27. Vidhi unregistered

Hey pls guide is htc salsa gud or samsung galaxy

25. Mangesh unregistered

Guys plzz help me.i m a bit confused in galaxy ace n htc salsa..(Plzzzzzzzz suggest me fast)

26. HTCiscool

Posts: 449; Member since: Jul 16, 2011

Get the HTC Salsa, it has a better UI, better screen, and cooler looks.

28. Mangesh unregistered

thanks yaa..but one of my frnd is reccomending sony ericssion neo v ..wat u say

23. Vini unregistered

can i make video calls using skype in HTC salsa? plz tell me... i wanna buy it 2moro..

24. visagan unregistered

no, u cannot make video calls now

21. Nills unregistered

hey akash can u plaza explain in detail what u method u tell me to do ?

20. Gvoind unregistered

" HTC Salsa Cheated Me" In october 2nd 2011, I purchased an HTC Salsa. I was told that I will be getting 512 MB of internal memory for usage. when I checked, I found only 150 MB internal memory in which the pre-installed apps were also there. When I spoke to the HTC customer care people, they told me that 512 MB is the total phone memory in which OS is also installed. When I told them that I was informed for 512 MB, they just started arguing with me and said that we can't do anything on that and if you want, you can go for higher product.

19. subhan unregistered

recently i bought dis phione ...iam unable to listen songs through bluetooth but call is connecting ...can any one suggest me how to get songs through bluetooth

18. akash unregistered

Do the factory reset once u get ths phn.. u have to go to 'SD nd memory'. in settings nd select 'reset phon e memory.. Thn ur phone memory wd increase to 120 mb available..m using ths phone nd after resetting I dnt hav internal memory issues..a Gud phn at around 15k Indian rupees..m happy with it.. try tht.. nd ya,,I hav abt 20 apps installed.. a Gud buy..nd solid HTC quality..battery is also Gud..

17. mills unregistered

all app and cache and system update will store on phone memory and after Android we get only 120 kha free memorey which get full in 11 apps and after that phone hangs and main part it dosent support next Android version 3 coz Android 3 need 600mb for installation so all 800mhz CPU 512 ram is useless if u don't store all I buy this phone coz company say it has 512 Rom but not mension any good usable memory I will never buy HTC mobile f**k u HTC !!!!!!!!!! don't buy this crap

16. mills unregistered

guys don't buy this phone o bought it and it has low internal memory issu total crap and hang when memorey get full I hate HTC

15. saikiran unregistered

hi i want to buy this one .can anyone tell me bout battery backup it is giving while it is under use:)) plz help on it

14. sathya unregistered

Hi all, I m using HTC salsa c510. How to create new album or new folder to keep my personal folder in gallery with passwords . pls suggest me soon Thanks to all.

12. saran unregistered

Im planning to buy this one! pls suggest

13. Kanaad unregistered

yes it is very good i have it u should buy it

10. khader unregistered

Ive bouht this mobile few weeks back im happy with its performance and features Im using an 8gb memory card I don't know how to save the applications to memory card because through I gave only fee apps my mobile always says internal memory low please can anyone help me on this.....

11. Yat unregistered

Dear Khader...Download App to SD application from android market..its free.... It will tell you after installation which apps can be transferred to SD Card from your phone....nd it also has options to clear cache files...keep cleaning it....

7. ashiq unregistered

Download OI file manager from the market

5. krishna07210 unregistered

I bought this mobile i am very happy with the features... but i cannot find any application to see my SD Card files (ex: File Manager) can any body suggest me how to see my SD Card Files....

6. unregistered

If I am not wrong then Gallery icon can be used to see all the photos and music icon can be use to see all MP3 files...

22. sanal unregistered

download astro file manager from the market.... its the best and its free......

4. neeraj mishra unregistered

i bought this phone 1 month back.. and i m very happy with my decision... its normal GPRS speed is superb and various forms of using facebook...i m happy happy nd happy...with its features... :) :) :)

8. nitish kumar unregistered

hiiiiii neeraj how to close your background application in htc salsa plz solve my problem thanx

9. Manu unregistered

in settings under accounts & sync uncheck background data & auoto sync

3. asn39

Posts: 4; Member since: Feb 19, 2011

Obviously it is smartphone !! it has a 800 mhz processor !! And android operating system
  • Display 3.4 inches
    480 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP (Single camera)
    0.3 MP VGA front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, 0.5GB RAM
  • Storage 0.15GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1520 mAh
  • OS Android 2.3.3

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