TeliaSonera sheds light on staggering 4G data usage statistics

TeliaSonera sheds light on staggering 4G data usage statistics
We all know that the proliferation of 4G technology is going to change the way we consume data. But maybe we haven't realized how immensely it will change the relationship between our wireless and wired solutions. TeliaSonera, the first operator to offer a commercial LTE network, has provided some interesting insight into the future of our data landscape.

Their first point of reference is the average smartphone user, who consumes an average of 375MB of data per month. Verizon Wireless customers use an average of 421MB, while AT&T users consume 338MB. That difference is probably due to their differing data plans, in that Verizon's (until recently) has been unlimited, while AT&T's has been tiered.

The next point of reference is 3G mobile broadband, in either the USB or MiFi varieties. Those users consume an average of 5GB of data per month. In contrast, Clearwire's WiMAX customers consume an average of 7GB per month. Perhaps surprisingly, LTE customers use 15GB of data per month. This figure is impressive not only in comparison to other wireless solutions, but also relative to wired broadband. Cisco says that the average wired broadband customer uses an average of 14.9GB of data.

So why are LTE customers using the same amount of data as they would on wired broadband? LTE must be providing them a fast enough experience for them to often forgo their home broadband. This is an exciting, and maybe inevitable, trend that follows how users have ditched their landlines for their cell phones. We're not saying people won't use wired broadband any more, but LTE solutions might make them redundant. We look forward to seeing how operators deal with the incredible network demands of a growing LTE consumer base.

source: IntoMobile
image credit: GameGavel

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