Verizon claims it has the fastest 4G network in America

Verizon claims it has the fastest 4G network in America
It appears that the cellular carriers can now brag about having the largest or fastest 4G networks even without a phone that customers can buy to use that speedy pipeline. While Verizon is expected to have 38 markets loaded up with LTE by the end of this year, signs in the stores now proclaim that Big Red owns the "Fastest 4G network in America". USB modems will be able to tap into the speed by the holidays, but no LTE handsets will be available for Verizon until 2011.

Somewhat similar is AT&T's response to T-Mobile's commercials that claim that the nation's fourth largest carrier is the largest 4G network in America. AT&T claims that it's HSPA+ network is capable of the same 21Mbps speed that T-Mobile says that its network runs. But here is an interesting point. AT&T has not flipped the switch yet on its 21Mbps pipeline. Instead, the fastest that AT&T can go right now is 14.4Mbps. Now under normal circumstances, the game would end right here with T-Mobile named the fastest by a score of 21 to 14.4 except for one very important fact: No HSPA+ phone on AT&T or T-Mobile can go faster than 14.4 Mbps at this stage and AT&T doesn't even offer any 14.4Mbps phones now anyway.

So let's see if we can make this all simple. We have a carrier (Verizon) claiming to have the fastest 4G network in America even though they will not have any phones to run over it until next year. We have another carrier that claims that HSPA+ is 4G and does have two models that will take advantage of the faster speeds on its network (T-Mobile), and advertises that it has the largest 4G network in America. Finally, we have a third network (AT&T) that claims by the end of the year, it will have an HSPA+ pipeline covering 50 million more people than the so-called largest 4G company, and while it has yet to turn the switch on its fastest speeds, it doesn't matter because no phone in its lineup can handle HSPA+.

With the gap between Verizon and AT&T shrinking, a strong holiday season could help the latter surpass the former as the nation's largest carrier. So if this all seems silly to you, you have to understand that there truly is a lot at stake here for the top four U.S. cellular carriers.

source: AndroidandMe



1. jbarajasp

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 06, 2010


3. Galen20K

Posts: 577; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

you're full of it jb, I can smell it from here.

7. no pity unregistered

Actually you are incorrect. MetroPCS has already launched 4g LTE in many of its' markets...that is LTE. So the correct statement would include Metro also using a next generation network. As for your latter statement I is only an upgrade but that will not stop them from marketing spin to get leverage their way.

8. SpudzX unregistered

LOL!!! jb Sprints "4g" is also just an upgrade and only has 28 markets open (and they have been working on their "4g" the past 2 years).... plus its wimax... download speeds are a little faster but upload are the exact same as CDMA 3g so.. sorry to tell you but sprint fails they are in one way shape or form "running a next gen network"

10. JeffdaBeat unregistered

There are no 4G networks. LTE and WiMAX don't meet the standard for 4G technology...

14. justin unregistered

actually the sad thing is tmo is faster than sprint ! also sprint charges you extra for 4g which they hardly cover usa . pretty sad

2. lolthatsfunny11172010 unregistered

personally I think this is Verizons way of saying they are about to have a limited launch

4. Jojofromdabay

Posts: 39; Member since: Apr 06, 2010

Well they gotta keep it interesting now everyone knows that come january all eyes will be on verizon an service wise right now they are still killing everybody regardless of data lack next year yes a big surprise will see verizon showing what they really are made of.

5. jackbeans unregistered

I ant to know why a phone cannot just get a software update to handle 4G or whatever... my home modem handles whatever att sends it... kinda dumb

6. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

i don't think so, i think its related to hardware

9. badfish unregistered

It is all hardware related. Just like a CDMA phone cant run on a GSM network. Sorry jackbeans, but no OTA to run 4G

11. VZ Guy unregistered

I work for an indirect VZ retailer, we just got an email saying this sign's not supposed to go up until the end of the month. Looks like someone just jumped the gun.

12. better than you unregistered

Sprint's 4g is only covers 60 million. tops at 10megs and doesn't even cover New York City. Verizon and At&t LTE will only cover 80 million by the end of next year and tops out at 12megs. T-mobile will cover 200 million by the end of THIS year and with average of 8 to 10 megs and by the end of next year it will double. Who wins? Who is backed the largest cell phone company in the world? Dueche Telecom = T-mobile. And T-mobile is probably getting the iPhone before x-mas.

13. robert unregistered

you know there is no such thing as 3g or 4g speed. It is the type of network not the speed of the network. So all cell carriers are full of poooy. They got done fighting over the fastest most reliable and largest 3g networks and are beating each other about 4g. It is a marketing scam to get people to buy phones. Personally I could care less about the 3g or 4g network because the speed varies due to the coverage area and also it depends on blockages such as buildings, trees, and wires.

15. shamar vz and tmo lover unregistered

verizon and sprint only have 4g networks not metro pcs because they can only reach speed up to 1mbp which tmo and vz can reach in there 3g networkand its true verizon does have the fastest 4g network in miami the 4g modem can reach speed of 40mbps to 50mbps sprint in miami is only 20-30 tmo wonnabe 4g gets 5 to 10 so vzw is not tellin a lie...

16. vz is overpriced unregistered

Reading through here it seems that the choices for reliable highspeed networks are tmo,vz and sprint. Since the definition for 4g is 100mbs+ NONE of them actually have a true 4g network or even 4g capable network. Independent testing shows sprint and tmo almost neck and neck in download speed, with verizon significantly slower. The biggest difference I have found is that vz's plans are really bad. While the two other carriers offer a decent amount of minutes + unlimites text/web for 79.99 a month vz limps in with NO PLAN FOR UNLIMITED TEXT(wtf?) you can get 5k for $20, then data is required to be bundled at 29.99 for unlimited. So you add this to their cheapest talk plan at 59.99 and for a network that is slower you end up paying about $40 more a month for the same thing you could get with any other carriers, who from every independent study I have seen, are faster than vz. I've gotta ask myself, "why would anyone go with vz?".

17. JAG unregistered

@ JB AND Shamar.... I think you need to do your research before posting something falsifying a company such as "Spring." ALL carriers as of right now, are running at HSPA+ or below. HSPA+ is just a "faster" version of 3G. Period. Verizon can only uphold its 4G "promise" to a laptop or PC and I still highly doubt that since they are already making false advertisment for having the "fastest" 4G network on cell phones when they don't even have any that are capable of "4G" speeds released!! Same goes for AT&T and they dont even run on HSPA+ yet they are falsifying their adds aswell. Its pathetic. No cell carrier out there is realistically running on 100+ mbs!! NONE. All run 21 and below!! As far as pricing goes ..... I suggest everyone go to a website called "" and the proof is in the pudding right there.

18. justsayin.. unregistered

Actually.....your totally wrong. Sprint plans to eventually switch to the 4G LTE network. Why? Because its better. :)

19. htc unregistered

i work for HTC corp. and sprint is the fastest at&t and t-mobile is a upgraded 3g and after 2gb on tmoblie your speeds get slower. verizon lte is fast but with how many people are on the network it slows it down other wise verizon would be the fastest but if you dont beleave me check for yours self take a at&t 4g phone a verizon 4g phone a sprint 4g phone and test it. i have lots of times and sprint takes it. and no sprint is not swiching to lte thats why they added the $10 so they can keep building more towers. verizon is they way to go if you do alot of travling and sprint if you want a good price and fast speeds if you go with at&t or tmoible then you really dont know anything

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