T-Mobile updates Galaxy Note 7 exchange process, customers get to keep all freebies

T-Mobile updates Galaxy Note 7 exchange process, customers get to keep all freebies
The Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued less than two months after it was officially unveiled. Citing customers safety, Samsung announced that all Galaxy Note 7 units, regardless of when they were purchased, will be replaced with other smartphones or owners will be given full refunds.

Since all major carriers in the United States have sold the Galaxy Note 7 in large quantities, they are now trying to convince customers to exchange their potentially dangerous phones to completely different models.

We've already reported that Sprint confirmed it will honor the replacement of all Galaxy Note 7 units to any other device. On top of that, the carrier will also offer customers a $25 service credit on their bill if they choose to move to a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

However, it looks like T-Mobile updated the Note 7 exchange program one day before Sprint. The carrier is urging customers to power down their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and return them as soon as possible. Also, they will receive full refunds, which they can apply towards the purchase of any device in T-Mobile's inventory as a replacement, minus the Note 7 of course.

Moreover, the Magenta carrier announced that customers can return any accessories they purchased from T-Mobile for use with the Galaxy Note 7 and they will receive full refunds as well. Naturally, T-Mobile is waiving any restocking charges, so you won't have to worry about that.

It's also worth noting that consumers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 during the pre-order period will be allowed to keep the free Netflix subscription and Gear Fit or SD card they received by taking advantage by the carrier's offers.

Last but not least, all customers who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will automatically get a one-time $25 credit on their T-Mobile bill within two cycles.

In order to get rid of your exploding Galaxy Note 7 units, you should visit a T-Mobile retail store or you can call the carrier's customers care line for additional details.

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1. Zylam

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2. cnour

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Samsung must explain clearly why the Note 7 is exploding. I don't believe this history of defective batteries. The reasoss are very simple, the new Note 7 are exploding too and they also recall the Chinese version of Note 7. But the question is: Samsung knows why??????????

3. TerryTerius unregistered

Question completely unrelated to the article. Is anyone else having an issue with PA reloading every couple of seconds, when multiple PA tabs are open? Every other website is working perfectly fine for me, except for this one.

5. NoToFanboys

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None here, because if I open multiple PA tabs Chrome freezes

9. tedkord

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Probably the 30,000 graphic and video ads they're trying to load.

10. cnour

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Maybe your browser is the problem?

12. ikenvape

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Oh god yes. I can't stand it. Every page keeps reloading then crashes. Chrome and safari alike.

13. PrYmCHGOan

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Yes. It messes up both the Edge and Internet Explorer. It was working with Chrome perfectly, but now Chrome struggles. FireFox was working good, but now it struggles too. In one of my browsers, the ad for the drone, takes up the whole page as a wallpaper. Yes it takes so long for some of the ads to load, it makes the page take longer to load, especially on mobile devices. On my iPad Pro, the page continues to ghost out.

11. Subie

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Being there for their customers. Good move on this one T-Mobile!

14. PrYmCHGOan

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Which is why, once my mom phone and my iPad Pro is off the account, I will close my VZW account permanently and stay with T-mobile. I use to love VZW. Great service, I've had good customer service since 1996. But I hate how they ruin device. I hate they change stuff when they shouldn't for a device I'm paying for. Updates take way to long and their prices are to outrages in markets where the coverage is basically identical with all 4 carriers. Like this last thing that made me drop them for sure. The Note 7 was being sold by everyone for $849. VZW claimed they were waving all activation fees which is $20. However, they sold the Note 7 for $869. Funny how $849 + 20 is $869. That's the main reason I return my original Notes. I plan never to activate on VZW ever again.

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