T-Mobile to launch Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 on October 26th and rollout 6 devices on November 2nd

T-Mobile to launch Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 on October 26th and rollout 6 devices on November 2nd
T-Mobile reps have a ton of work ahead of them this month and next. A leaked calendar shows all of the things that employees of the nation's fourth largest carrier have to do in October. The first thing, not even mentioned in any of the leaked documents, is to answer calls from angry customers calling to find out why the carrier is the only one of the top four mobile operators in the U.S. not to offer the Apple iPhone. Earlier Saturday, we showed you Radio Shack's inventory system which displayed versions of the iPhone 5 for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Actually. the fun and games start on October 19th with the launch of the Huawei T-Mobile Sonic 4G mobile Hot Spot. No pricing details have been released. That will be followed exactly one week later with the launch of theSamsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 tablet. The T-Mobile version of Samsung's flagship tablet will have 4G connectivity through the carrier's HSPA+ network. Here again, pricing is unknown.

On November 2nd, the leaked calendar shows 6 devices are expected to be launched on that day. For those who love long shots, remember that we told you that November 3rd is the rumored launch date for Verizon's version of the Google Nexus Prime. We could say that the heavily awaited first Ice Cream Sandwich device might also be launching on other carriers around that date, except that Big Red is said to be getting an exclusive on the device for an undisclosed period of time. That would eliminate that model as being one of the 6 getting released that day. Guessing which 6 devices will be launched on November 2nd could be a fun game for the whole family to play on that next long car ride!

Finally, Tmo News obtained a screenshot that seems to show that T-Mobile will be offering a Pay-by-the-Day rate plan. Heading to the web site via the link below the PBTD heading revealed nothing. On the other hand, another image obtained by the site shows that someone at the carrier has been working on the idea and there appears to be $1, $2 and $3 a day options with the cheapest plan offering unlimited text, the $2 plan offering unlimited text and talk and the $3 plan allowing for unlimited text, talk and web. The plan seems incomplete as far as how much talk time will be allowed with the $1 and $2 plans.

If these images are all legitimate, T-Mobile employees and customers appear to have their hands full for the next few weeks.

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