T-Mobile says first day Apple iPhone 5 sales were huge; device sold like "Gangbusters"

T-Mobile says first day Apple iPhone 5 sales were huge; device sold like "Gangbusters"
Now that the dust has settled, just how well did the Apple iPhone 5 do on its first day as a member of the T-Mobile line-up? According to the CMO for the nation's fourth largest carrier, there were lines out the door at nearly all 3,000 corporate locations. While those in the "glass is half empty" crowd pointed out that the lines had dissipated by the afternoon, fans of the carrier were just happy to see this day come. T-Mobile didn't want to be known as the one mobile operator that didn't carry the Apple iPhone, especially when many smaller pre-paid outfits were making the device available to its customers.

With new data plans and no more contracts or subsidized pricing at its corporate stores, T-Mobile is using the availability of the iPhone to mark a major change in the mobile operator's life. In addition, the company has started rolling out its 4G LTE service. It has been quite an eventful few weeks and now MetroPCs shareholders will vote April 24th on the deal that will combine the number 4 and 5 carriers in the U.S. If the deal goes through, as it now is expected to, T-Mobile becomes part of a public company. Do not think that for one moment that this deal with MetroPCS closes the door on another major transaction involving the company. Deutsche Telekom promised not to sell any stock for 18 months, up from the original 6 months, in order to better sell the deal to big stockholders. A lock-up usually becomes invalid in the case of an offer to buy the company whose shares are involved.

Not only will Deutsche Telekom seek a deal, they have a willing partner in Charles Ergen. On Friday, we just found out that the Dish Network Chairman and CEO approached Deutsche Telekom about a deal for T-Mobile. One door shuts, but another one opens.

source: AllThingsD

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