Symbian is dead. Long live Nokia Windows Phone

Symbian is dead. Long live Nokia Windows Phone

Ex-Microsoft and current CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop would say that deeming Symbian dead is not completely true in the short-term as the company is still planning to release 150 million devices using the platform, but long-term is what matters most to developers as well as to many users. And long-term is where Symbian seems dead. To support this, Elop showed a sad presentation slide for every Nokia fan and QT developer out there.

Symbian mobile devices are represented by a steep downward curve. On the second slide you will see how scary big of a chunk Symbian R&D was in Nokia's portfolio. And even sadder is its complete evaporation in the long-term where all the R&D investment by Nokia will be distributed among Windows Phone and the Mobile Phone Platforms (presumably S40). What will this mean for Nokia? Well, we will let the market speak – Nokia shares slipped more than 10% in pre-market. But there is certainly hope and excitement around the “three horse race” ahead of us including Apple, Google and Windows Phone, so let's wait and see if this time, Nokia and Microsoft get it right.

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1. guest unregistered

I hope Nokia will break the limiters of WP7. Also Nokia =/=Nokia+WNP7. Not everyone will want WOS. And North America is not the only major consumer out there. I say Nokia should release a Nokia Android phone while preparing for MeeGo.

2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

this is going to add a lot of fire to windows phone 7. people still love nokia phones so expect a large bump in WP7 sales. And since Nokia is still keeping a large part of R&D from symbian on to WP7, That can hopefully mean faster updates, more features, and a plethora of apps.

4. Kilroy238 unregistered

"....That can hopefully mean faster updates, more features, and a plethora of apps." Tell that to someone who didn't wait for months to buy an N8 then more waiting for apps and games to hit the market. I'll buy an iPhone before I buy another Nokia.

3. ribbonsalmark

Posts: 84; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

MeeGo is kinda of also dead in there. Looking at Long Term Direct R&D Meego is like less than 5%(assumed) in the long term. Now I can see this work out for Nokia as long as Nokia can do a full customization on the WP7 OS for Nokia phones. Nokia may still have a future as long as Microsoft has a future if Nokia doesnt customize WP7. The one bright side is that Intel claims it is ready for WP8. Which could see Nokia having the edge in integrating Intel based smart phone processors. Nokia N9 with i7 and DDR3. The future maybe bright. And even brighter if Nokia develops a dual OS phone where you can use the phone as a WP phone and then dock it into something as use is a Window OS or Linux OS. Nokia you have the ball now, dont drop it.

5. kyud0 unregistered

Well in my oppinion the fact that nokia ditched symbian is very good idea (the only reason I didnt bought N8 is OS, everything else vas perfect). And what's better is that nokia adopted WP7, because it'll help windows be more competetive with iOS and Android. Besides, Nokia joining Android family would mean that Nokia would become one of those HUNDREDS of devices coming out, AND if it does import it's own Android skin it would mean that you wont be able to update android at some point, which is well.... lame. So in the end i think this Nokia's move is very useful for everyone.

6. 21 unregistered

wait. so nokia phones will be more expensive???????? !!! No !!!!!!! Windows phone 7 requires a great specification to run smoothly.. if this going to happen the gtg to swtch to samsung phones..

7. Libertasian

Posts: 14; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

The dumbest part in that whole announcement is that they are not porting QT to WP7. Fail......

8. Hindude unregistered

This is great. Despite some whiners, WP7 is a VERY solid and promising OS. Have any of you used Android 1.5? I though it sucked when it first came out! Several years after its inception, it is now excellent. Who cares if its open source as long as there is support for the platform? Nokia HW + WP7 will be huge success for both companies.

15. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

WP7 is not a new OS they had 6.5,6.4..... and many others that where supposed to be getting better and better WP7 is not a newborn just an old dude with a fresh look...

9. bluechris unregistered

What happend to this: Elop on Jan 27th: On Nokia’s strengths: Nokia is a brand that defines mobility in many regions of the world, and is still strong today. We’ve shipped 5 million of our new Symbian devices in the fourth quarter, which sends a strong signal about our customer base. […] we will advance our great software and services assets, which benefit hundreds of millions of our consumers across all market segments. This includes location-based services, localized services like Life Tools in emerging markets and the Ovi Store, which ramped to 4 million downloads per day. On Ovi: Our data also shows that these devices are driving more people to use our Ovi services, and at a greater frequency. In fact, a study by iResearch looked at application store traffic in China. The study ranked our Ovi Store as the leader. On developers: We have a healthy base of developers across the globe, developing globally- and locally-relevant apps. We support operator billing with more than 100 operators, and we now have more than 30,000 apps in the Ovi Store. We are now seeing meaningful growth in developer activity, supported by the improved user experience on our new devices, as well as continuous improvements of our Ovi services platform. This signals the end for nokia as a software provider, merger of ovi with microsoft's marketplace (i.e kill ovi store), and all those developers are probably developing C++ and QT, not C# and the .NEt framework. Way to kill en eco system - it would have been better if this announcement was complete witha new device but no - the first device will be release before the end of the year - in the meantime Symbian and Meego are seen as long term dead - that's dead great for market share. Various US based posters here resport this as good, but WP7 is like Meamo in some parts of the world - only bought by developers, albeit for Microsoft's platforms rather than C++/open source. Evertone should read this-is-good-for-microsoft.html This is good news for Micorosoft, not nokia, nor the owners of most cell phones (they did sell more devices than anyone else last year), nor QT developers, nor INtel (who they partnered with for Meego) nor their employees (layoffs coming). HP, Balckberry and Samsung all have their own mobile OS, HP anouncig devices for theirs just a few days ago. Nokia did not need to do this, not for the US, and certasinly not for europe or asia. The 4th direction change in 4 years - if they let at least one of these have time to bear fruit it might be ok, but they didn't and this comes at a time when things were look about as good for Nokia as they have in a while. And this is the dumbest move of the lot. Sure, diversify and experinment, realse the odd andriod / WP7 device, learn from them, improve Symbian and Meego. Nokia's towel thrown in.

10. bluechris unregistered

This is great. Despite some whiners, WP7 is a VERY solid and promising OS. Have any of you used Android 1.5? I though it sucked when it first came out! Several years after its inception, it is now excellent. Who cares if its open source as long as there is support for the platform?" Ah, but that takes us to Symbian 3 - first came out sucked, not much different to S60. Nokia scrapps Symbian 4 and says we will release updates as we develope them for Symbian 3 and are doing it (Portrait QUERTY and new Browser about to show up). It's less than a year old. No, it's not android yet, but it can do a lot more tham Wp7 can and Wp7 has many of the same issues as Symbian (i.e Symbian widgets, fixed size and layout - Wp7 exactly the same). Remove some redtape, streamline software development - sure move a few folks to ca and figure out how to gat carriers to subsidize their devices.

11. philip unregistered

i hope nokia will skin over windows7. like HTC Sense or Moto BLUR.... Nokia did made a mini laptop with microsoft windows OS couple years back

17. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I bet Microsoft wont allow it

12. Nine1Sickness

Posts: 896; Member since: Jan 30, 2011

Nokia has always been known for their exceptional quality. I use to lugg around their 'bigger than a HTC EVO' nGage gaming phone. I didn't need a silly case for that phone, I dropped that sucker on a daily basis without a care in the world. I just think their stubbornness with exclusivly using their own OS is their only weakness. Let's just hope they can offer better WP7 phones so that there will be more competition to iOS and Android. It'll be better for everyone using every OS... Except Symbian.

14. bluechrism unregistered

Stubborness with their own OS... SOund like Apple Palm/HP Blackberry Samsung (to some extent) with Bada.

13. ps1001

Posts: 65; Member since: Dec 14, 2010

symbian could never die... we all know it... so does, steve jobs, steve balmer, stephen elop, 50cents... its the root of everything, and will always have its followers, whether or not new versions come out, old ones will be here... And if some1 thinks that symbian=nokia, again thats 100% wrong...

16. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Sambian is dead, Nokia will be dead too with Windows 7. My HTC HD2 has Windows 6.5 cannot be upgrade to Windows 7 because Microsoft didn't make it compatible to older phones this why Microsoft is suck. From now on I will never use Windows phone again good luck Nokia.

19. bluechrism unregistered

A co-worker of mine has a HD2 - has run both WP7 and android on it with no problems - prefers androind, but you should do some searching and i'm sure you will find a how to somewhere for WP7.

18. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Please Google Rescue Symbian!? these guys need some motivation to add greatness to the market

20. rafael.roque

Posts: 78; Member since: Jul 03, 2010

I find this insulting, for Nokia to try to spin this off as "exciting news"!... I bought a Nokia for its Symbian OS, if I wanted Windows Phone OS I would of bought something from HTC or Samsung! Nokia and Symbian was a choice for us, now we are left with no choice! Symbian isn't broken, it's the upper management that failed to plan and execute that's broken. Meego was also miss-managed, it was meant to compliment Symbian in the tablet/netbook segment; thus creating a complete eco-system with the Qt framework as the link to manage both platforms growth. Mr. Elop was suppose to shake up management and expedite this plan, not kill it off and give up Nokia's assetts to microsoft!

21. box unregistered

I'm disheartened and yet excited about this. Nokia spent several fortunes buying Symbian Corp, and now that investment is essentially going to go down the drain, unless they convert all those resources to WP7 and/or app development. That's a lot of people and their efforts that could/would be wasted. From an investor's point of view, this, another partial direction change, indicates the company is borderline floundering, though with such a strong global partner as Microsoft, it's a step in the right direction for both companies. I personally wish Nokia could/would devote itself to being a hardware company, and allow Symbian, Microsoft, MeeGo, & Maemo to all be allowed to work on their phones, either as multi-boot, single-boot, or "sandbox"-ed, especially with the potency and flexibility that utilizing the Intel - another global leader - chips would provide. Personally I'd rather have seen Nokia go with AMD/ATI for their chips, especially to counter NVida with their Tegra2 and 3 chips, but that's me. I have always had Nokia phones, and I never had a problem with Symbian, especially with the attention its gotten from better developers (i.e. Rovio, offscreen, Hyperkani, etc) , and when any of my Nokia touchscreens on T-Mobile's network can go toe-to-toe with an AT&T iPhone (I won't even bother comparing a verizon iphone...) in all network-related tasks, and even sometimes beat it, I'm more than satisfied. Is it as elegant as an iphone? No. Can it do things with a single step like a Windows Mobile 7 phone? No. Does it make sense, work every single time, and offer everything I want at the price I want to pay? Yes, every time. I, too, hope that Symbian keeps getting developed, and that maybe it'll emerge as a global leader in terms of not only volume and reliability, but elegance, cleverness and ease-of-use, and popularity with developers. Until then, I'll stick with what I've got, and wait to see what happens.

22. devx unregistered

its very sad to know that nokia will adopt WP7 and hence the most popular plarform symbinOS will end.i like symbian fones very much.i am still a huge symbian lover. in my opinion if nokia adopts android & windows operating system then there will be no other compettitors in the market to challenge NOKIAs mobile fones

23. NicK3l5 unregistered

This is exactly what happens when you hire an Ex- Microsoft CEO to run your company. I've been preaching for years that Symbian was the greatest and now, I even offered ideas to the Symbian Foundation's ideas website with hopes that it would show up in future iterations of the software... look wheres its gotten me. I'm ashamed to say that I've bought Nokia devices now. I just hope they do whats right and allow the Symbian Foundation to reform or at least branch off so that we can continue to get great innovation from a wonderfully functional, be it not all that pretty, OS! Microsoft SUCKS!!!

24. Ani unregistered

I recommend nokia to stick on with meego OS. Just try to catch up with android by presenting similar applications. I have hope on the next version of maemo.

26. therohan unregistered

This is going to be a great partnership. The world's leading phone manufacturer with an awesome OS. It will get better and better. Just look at iOS. When it was released it was laughable and now it is rockin. What is the point of being so disappointed? Just give it some time and we will definitely see success. Check this to see what other developers have to say: One more thing, Nokia has 75 million symbian devices in market at present and launching 150 million more of it. I think Qt and symbian are very well going to live. I love Qt and I am going to continue developing for it. :)

27. Pablomjj unregistered

I choose nokia because Symbian as Operative System.. and now.. nokia want Windows.. hahahaha .. not even in my home i have a product from microsoft.. i will buy the last Symbian Anna phone and that all for me.. till I find a new Operative system like Symbian. IF nokia doesn't change its operative system for something else, i will have to forget Nokia .. and .. watch for others. I wasn't loyal to Nokia .. i am loyal to symbian.

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