Storm 2 to hit land in September carrying 5MP camera and featuring easier typing?

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Storm 2 to hit land in September carrying 5MP camera and featuring easier typing?
The more times a particular report is heard, the better the chances it will come true. Fans of the BlackBerry Storm are hoping that this is correct as another report, this time from someone SlashGear says is close to the issue, says to expect a sequel to the first touchscreen BlackBerry this September. Along with improved typing functions on the screen, the Storm 2 is expected to have an improved 5MP camera and upgraded display. An earlier story we printed about the follow-up to the device stated the new typing system would be called 'TruePress' as opposed to the current 'SureType' and that the name of the phone was undecided on. Just yesterday, we reported that RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed the next generation touchscreen BlackBerry was being planned.

Besides better typing function and an improved camera, current Storm owners and analysts have been predicting that RIM would be putting a Wi-Fi radio into the next version of the handset and SlashGear's source says to expect Wi-Fi along with a more pro-consumer unit. While the current model of the phone has had lukewarm reviews at best, it has been selling extremely well and according to a recent report by NPD, the phone was the third best selling smartphone in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year, trailing only its stablemate BlackBerry Curve 83XX and the Apple iPhone.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Specifications | Review

source: SlashGear



1. yngpapii916

Posts: 4; Member since: May 06, 2009

... This is definately good news... i feel bad for everyone who bought the first Storm.. most probably wont be eligible to upgrade or exchange for the new Storm 2...

2. heavybreathing

Posts: 276; Member since: Feb 26, 2009

Oh they'll line up to buy one. They'll get another plan just so they can use the storm 1 and the storm 2. Their douchebaggary knows no bounds.

4. bigfanboyred

Posts: 141; Member since: Jan 17, 2009

not true. with some plans you can upgrade annually. thats what i have been doing. they dont give you the $70, but you still get the discount.

3. The Godfather unregistered

heavy breathing is such a hater since his mom refuses to buy him one. BB Storm FTW....1 and 2. And yes, VZW will allow early upgrades for this device

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

yes but only in November...after November 21st. and 4, what r u talking about a $70? as long as the storm has been out it's always been $50 and now theres no MIR. and 2 is exactly right, if you dont have an annual, ADDALINE!

6. jeff t.

Posts: 11; Member since: May 05, 2009

im am a verizon user and sorry to say that the storm sucked it was horrible i love verizon service but most of their phones are stupid the blackberry storm is nothing but a bunch of cheap plastic that was thrown together with a crappy operating system to get it out the door for holiday sales in hopes that if people were really turned off by its operating that they could fix it with software updates rim was doing nothing more than taking a ride on the touchscreen wave to get a slice of that pie

9. The Doc

Posts: 122; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Sounds like the type of person that upgrades to a device and has no idea how to use it...

10. *HOVA*

Posts: 564; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

WOW!!! What's this? A VZW customer who also sees how crappy the Storm is?? Thank God for at least a FEW honest people in this world.

14. jporterweb

Posts: 25; Member since: Jan 17, 2009

Yippee lets play fan boy flame war through the whole comment thread... And for anyone who's used the Storm with its new firmware update(the one that Verizon will be releasing soon) you know that it makes the Storm the phone it was meant to be. Every bug I know of has been fixed in the new version. The speed of the accelerometer now rivals the iPhone and from the ones I've compared side by side the rotation is faster than the iPhone 3g. How many complaints were there on the iPhone and the iPhone 3g? Seriously give them a chance to fix the bugs.

17. jeff t.

Posts: 11; Member since: May 05, 2009

yeah but for all the people who dont know what leaked firm ware is they still have the crappy first one that they released and lets face it that one one was horrible until it is official and the next authorized firm ware is released that phone is a paper weight i am one that loves having the latest and greatest out there and when i return something that was supposed to be as great as the blackberry storm to go back to my lg dare that is saying something the full html browser that the storm is supposed to have what a joke i could browse better with a lg dare????? the only web site that you could use the storm and it would operate like a full web browser should is the verizon wirless web site when you go over certain icons they will drop to give you other options try doing that on any other web site and you will see espeacially if you have the firmware that authorized right now and come on the storm was to rushed along way to fast to get it out before black friday and maybe one day if they didnt rush it so fast that they wont be able to fix it with firmware it will go from paper weight to ahhhh a cell phone because they didnt even have the cell phone part of it correct when they first released it

19. vzw fanman

Posts: 1977; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

ok dude why have a blackberry if you dont care to learn anything about it. stick wit your dare! also i have bolt browser which is a lot better than the bb browser. i see the only period you use is in your username

7. jgerboc

Posts: 18; Member since: Jan 17, 2009

After all we continue to endure with Storm1, I am not sure I will be looking to experience another customer service fiasco with a VZW and RIM partnership. It's been over 4 months now and an autherized update is still only rumor.

8. vzw fanman

Posts: 1977; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

so download the leaks dood

18. jeff t.

Posts: 11; Member since: May 05, 2009

well what about the people who dont live every moment of their lives based on a phone and dont know about the leaked firm ware thats part of the problem so of you blackberry users you never kissed a girl before and all you do is live life behind a damn phone not every body lives that way the phone works for them not the other way aroundall you know is I got this up grade and I got this program and never been laid before

11. TechGuy916

Posts: 4; Member since: May 06, 2009

In Responce to some of the comments posted about the storm, As someone who deals with this phone on a day to day basis and owns it myself, Most people who purchased this phone have ZERO clue how to use it correctly nor spent any time actully learning it and god forbid actully installing the desktop software to sync/backup their info. The phone has issues with OS .75 this is not being disputed, but at the same time the only real issues with that OS ver is the lag time on the switching from portrait to landscape mode and the video camera has play back issues. I would say 98% of the issues customers have with the phone falls into the lack of knowledge of how to use the device, and the fact they do not want to spend the time to learn to use it correctly. This really falls in line with most smart phone users, they expect it to function like a typical cell phone. I would diffently like to see a 2nd generation storm that had a better camera and maybe a dummy mode and a advanced mode for the people that truely get how blackberrys work.

12. chack_fu

Posts: 46; Member since: Jan 19, 2009

AMEN TECH GUY I am a VZW Sales Rep, and I have had less than 7% return rate on the Storm since its launch selling around 110 of them. I talk people out of upgrading to the phone. Ladies, fingernails? Dont even think about it. I also carry the phone and I set the expectaions that there will be a software upgrade avaliable and you will see an enhancement with the portrait to landscape view. I spend about 20 minutes with everyone that gets the phone telling them the quirks or easy shortcuts (double click on BB button for opening messages/reply/send, delete multiple msgs at one time with multi tapping the screen, using two thumbs when typing for less error). Just wanted to add that the phone is great when you know how to use it!!

13. YouLostTheGame

Posts: 441; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

What I'd like to see is some kind of BB Bold touchscreen device. I love the look and feel of the Bold with the physical keyboard but also really like the touchscreen on the Storm. So give me the best of both worlds...a physical keyboard like the bold, and the touchscreen aspect for the display. This way RIM could get rid of the use of a trackball/rollerball (whether physical or optical like the new Curve). Now THAT would be a sexy phone!

15. jherz6

Posts: 217; Member since: May 23, 2008

I totaly agree with some of the coments left here. Not that the storm doesnt have a couple bugs, However what phone doesnt. Most peoples problems are operator error. I have had my storm since its release last november and I like others have a bit of an issue with the lag when turning also. I have zero trouble typing in ither mode, hasnt frozen on me once, and I personally cant wait for the version 2 only because I want one with wifi and the better camera, and with any luck it will be 4g.

16. bounce

Posts: 2; Member since: May 06, 2009

I just the other day finally got a Storm, moved on from my trusty 8830, and put on the newest hacked software 41 and while that has some issues none that cannot be fixed with out popping out the bat every so often, I think that it is a vast improvement over the orig platform, my dad is still running the first version and fights with it all of the time. If they have gotten all of the bugs worked out of the 2 then I will switch again, but untill that one comes out I will use the one I have now and love every min of it. I mean look at the Iphone when it came out, think about the problems that it had and it still has. it cannot recieve picture messages, and it really isnt all that durable. I really dont know what the big deal is, if you dont like the phone quit using it, it really isnt that hard to figure out...

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