Spotted on AnTuTu: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935A) might have a 5.1" display, 12MP camera


Although we are still a month or two away from the possible announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its anticipated S7 edge variation, we already have a pretty good notion of what to expect from the upcoming flagship devices. One of the design features of the S7 and S7 edge—their display—has been widely rumored to be a 5.2-inch unit, a smidgen larger than the 5.1-inch ones that appeared on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge units. However, one of the more recent leaks seems to be contradicting to this established idea. 

A probable Samsung Galaxy S7 edge handset, carrying the SM-G935A model designation that is said to be AT&T's variation, has been just recently spotted on AnTuTu's databases. One of the main differences from previous leaks is the 5.1-inch display in tow. 

That's a bit smaller than what the previous rumors had suggested, but at least the Quad HD resolution has remained unchanged - 1440 x 2560 pixels. Additionally, the AnTuTu listing reveals that the SM-G935A Galaxy variation will sport a Snapdragon 820 chip, an Adreno 530 GPU, as well as the lavish amount of 4GB of RAM.

The last thing that this most recent leak seems to reveal is information about the cameras on the handset. The listing suggests that Samsung might put a 12MP snapper on the back of the device. This falls in line with some of the rumors that we have been hearing over the past few months, which suggested that the company might throw in a large 1/2" sensor, yet lower-resolution camera in its Galaxy S7. This will most certainly warrant a pretty nice low-light performance for the camera, which will be a commendable thing for Samsung to do. 

However, a whole army of other rumors claim that Samsung might put its new 20MP RGBW-pixel Britecell camera in the Galaxy S7. It's also an equally interesting snapper, as the rumor mill claims it will come with improved light sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, all courtesy of the new RGBW pixel pattern. 

Have in mind that all of these specs are still mostly rumors, and will remain such until Samsung unveils the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. As a refresher, we are expecting this to happen in mid-March 2016. For more info on the flagships, check out our rumor review of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

source: Weibo via @NoWhereElseFR, SamMobile

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