Spam is the latest problem for Snapchat users

Spam is the latest problem for Snapchat users
As if having their username and a partially redacted phone number leaked on a website wasn't enough, Snapchat users had to put up with something different this past weekend. On its blog page on Monday, Snapchat apologized for a surge in "Snap Spam" that went out to its users over the past two days. Unwanted pictures and messages bombarded Snapchat users, albeit only for 10 seconds at a time.

The interesting thing about the post is that Snapchat claims that the increase in spam was unrelated to the recent leak of 4.6 million user names and phone numbers that was posted on a web site late last year. The company said that it is beefing up the site to make it more secure. A firm called Gibson Security had earlier called out Snapchat for not adding 10 lines of code that could have closed the exploits that led to the leak of names and numbers.

source: Snapchat, @evanspiegel via TechCrunch

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