Sony's SmartWatch 3 rumored to come sans Android Wear, but wireless charging and Wi-Fi might be aboard

The rumor mill has it that Sony is prepping the third generation of its SmartWatch wearable, which is tipped to be unveiled at the company's event at this year's IFA. The information is still pretty scarce at this point, but at least we get to bask in a decent amount of rumors, concernig the wearable. For example, its overall design will be almost the same as the squareish one of the Sony SmartWatch 2, if the rumors hold water, that is. We wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the case, as Sony usually sticks with one and the same product design for quite some time. 

The specs sheet will remain a mystery until Sony lifts the veil off of it, but one of the rumors suggests that Sony's SmartWatch 3 will come with a transflective display (which should provide more than adequate visibility under the sun) with improved resolution in comparison with its prequel. On-board Wi-FI module and wireless charging might be also on board. We suppose that the smartwatch will be water-resistant as well.

Several months ago we told you that Sony is apparently not considering an Android Wear wearable just yet. However, the manufacturer later stated that "the door is definitely not closed to Android Wear". That being said, the latest round of rumors does not suggest that Sony will employ Google's Android Wear - on the contrary, it will use a homemade platform, unlike the SmartWatch 2, which is running Android. Additionally, the design of the user interface of the Sony SmartWatch 3 is said to be pretty different from its previous iteration.

Well, we guess that we will find out about Sony's purported upcoming smart wearable in the followiong weeks. The device will undoubtedly face rough competition from its other rivals on the wearable market, which is gradually getting more crowded - the first crop of Android Wear devices (the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch), as well as Motorola's wildly-anticipated Moto 360 will surely give the Sony SmartWatch 3 a run for its money. It's going to be an exciting September, isn't it?

Note: The smartwatch in the thumbnail is the Sony SmartWatch 2.

source: Digi-Wo via G4Games

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