Sony smart-watches won't wear Android Wear, Xperia Z1 sales up 25%

Sony won't wear Android Wear, Xperia Z1 sales up 25%

Are you excited for Android Wear? Yes?Good. Sony, on the other hand, isn't. Ravi Nookala, president of SonyMobile America, told CNET that the company has "alreadyinvested time and resources" on its own smart-watch platformand will continue with developing it. This makes it pretty clear thatSony has no interest in Google's watch-friendly Android spin-off atthe moment, although there's always a chance that the company willreconsider its plans.

Still, Sony isn't being stubborn, oranti-Google, or anything else but itself, really. While the companywill be doing its own thing for the time being, Nookala states thatit will continue to work closely with Google on other devices. This stance is understandable. After all, the company is fostering its ownXperia ecosystem and user experience, a project that requiresin-house solutions. Besides, Sony's Android-based wearable deviceplaform has been around for some time, and has powered itsSmartWatch, SmartWatch 2, and SmartBand products. It also integratesneatly with other Xperia devices and Sony's factory apps, such asLifeLog. Hopefully, the company's next smart-watches will be at leastas impressive as the Moto 360 in terms of design and user interface.

The Sony Mobile USA president alsoreflected on how its Xperia Z1 has been doing in the states thisquarter. According to him, sales of the smartphone are up 20% to 25%compared to those of the original Xperia Z from the same last year.Nookala added that Sony is in discussions with the four major UScarriers to make the Xperia line more widely available. So far, theXperia Z1 and last year's Xperia Z have been exclusive to T-Mobile.

source: CNET

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