Sony LT30p Mint previewed, sporting WhiteMagic display tech and 13MP "stacked" camera sensor

Sony LT30p Mint previewed, sporting WhiteMagic display tech and 13MP "stacked" camera sensor
Sony day today, just as we learned that it will hold an August 29 press event to unveil some new stuff, and here comes a thorough preview of one of the handsets that are up for unveiling - the flagship LT30p Mint. We've seen teases quite a few times, full specs laundry list, and even showed you camera samples from the new 13MP "stacked" sensor Sony will be using that can take HDR video, but now we have pics of the design, too.

The phone even gets sized up with the Galaxy S III, showing it is a tad smaller than Samsung's monster, and has no physical navigational buttons at the front. It seems that the WhiteMagic display tech will be utilized, just like on the Xperia P, but with 4.6" size this time, and HD resolution. The previewer notes some weak viewing angles and inaccurate color representation, which we noticed with this type of screen tech in the Xperia P as well, but on the other hand it hits almost 1000 nits of brightness, making it great for outdoor usage.

As for the design, it takes some cues from the Xperia GX, but seems to be less curvaceous on the sides. The LT30p Mint appears to have a unibody design with non-removable battery, but it does have a latch on the side for the SIM card and a microSD card for storage expansion.

Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 225 GPU is running the Android ICS show, with scores a bit less than the S III, the Note and the One S, but let's not forget this is a prototype unit still. Naturally, the most interesting thing is the novel 13MP camera sensor, which might set a new standard for non-PureView phones with its low-light sensitivity and HDR video mode, but we will spare judgement until we take some samples with the production version.

source: Mobile-Review

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